November 11, 2011

PEPERO DAY is an event in south korea which is similar to VALENTINES DAY. on pepero day, couples and friends exchange peperos :D a pepero is kinda like a stick biscuit covered with different kinds of coating made by LOTTE~ it's celebrated on 11/11 because the numbers on the date 11/11 look like pepero sticks XD i think this year's pepero day is special coz pepero day is on 11/11/11 this year! XD 6 peperos! ^^

there are different kinds~ long ones,

short, cute ones,

the most famous in korea (as the internet says), original pepero and almond pepero

and, i think, the best kind of pepero that only came out this year as a special edition kind, KIM HYUN JOONG PEPERO!! XD

it is also said that the company LOTTE that distributes peperos make 55% of their yearly income on november XD coz peperos are most famous on 11/11, and that pepero day was started by high school girls from busan in 1994, when they gave each other peperos, wishing that they'll grow as long and slender as one ^^ i want one!!! :D

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