sometimes FANTASY is better than REALITY =3=

November 3, 2011

today we finally got our new Leo tees that we ordered and i only have one word to describe what i felt when i saw them:


what is this??? the colours are totally different from what i imagined! T^T i didn't take into account that those colours might be hard to find~ along with the other members who saw it before we distributed it, my expression was like O.O WTH IS THIS O.O

after the shock passed i asked chai & carol to help me ask the members what they thought about the shirts~ they said that if the colours were different i would be ok, but some still didn't like them =3= when we got our blue shirts, we also didn't like them! but as time passed by, we accepted it and moved on! so try to accept them! even one of the people who i thought would be the first in protesting wore them without complaint! =3= i know who you are, you CHUAN guy and two girls that always look at people like they want to kill them whenever we enter the room =,= DEAL WITH IT!

ps. our BOD shirt got cancelled -,- so we'll also have to wear these~ WHO CARES?? its not what we look like, but what we do that counts! (but i'd still like to change the colours though -,-)

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