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August 2, 2017

Hi guys, today's I'll be sharing my review of Blythe Kawayii's cosmetic contact lenses from Korea!

Blythe Kawayii is an Instagram shop that sells Korean contact lenses. I first found out about them from Chanwon and Leo (l3opanda), and I recently got a few lenses from them to try out as well.

 1pair : RM25 (Free shipping + Casing)
3pairs: RM60 (Free shipping + Casing)
6pairs: RM100 (Free shipping + Casing)
10pairs: RM150 (Free shipping + Casing + HELLOKITTY)

I got 3 styles in 2 colors each so in total I have 6 pairs. The styles I got are:

CAN026 - BlytheLuxe Adeline
WC501 - BlytheLuxe Hydrocolor
IM192 - Blythe Premium Leopard

My parcel arrived within 1 week and came securely wrapped in styrofoam and bubble wrap. The bottles look like any other standard lens bottle: small, glass and has a metal seal.

Since I got 6 pairs, I got 6 free cases as well. Not sure why but the logo on top says Berry Lenses.

Now, are you wondering "Why Korean lenses?" or "Did they add Korea just to bait people in?"

Korean lenses are actually one of the most popular and best cosmetic lenses out there. Even Pinkyparadise (one of the world's largest lens shops) sources their lenses from Korea. This means that you have a huge selection to choose from!

Blythe Kawayii directly imports authentic Korean lenses from Korea and have ready stock. They ship worldwide so to all my international readers out there do check them out too!

So, on to the colours!

This lens' colour is a very subtle and natural brown which almost looks like a green! Its definitely natural enough to go unnoticed. I once went out and my friend Anis didn't even notice that I had it on until she was close to me! She said it was a very pretty and unique colour, and I think so too.

At first I thought this one wouldn't look too apparent on my eyes but I was so surprised by how obvious but natural they looked!

Out of all the shades, this one is my favourite! I love how the brown is super natural looking (but unfortunately since this pic is too close up it looks a bit too sharp haha. I promise it looks natural in real life!)

The light brown/yellow in the center didn't really show up but I love it still!

Now this one, the yellow center was more apparent. The gradiation of the colours make my eyes look almost as if they're shining!

This design is different from the previous two as they're actually circle lenses. Circle lenses have that black ring at the edge and make your eyes look bigger. I'm not really a fan of super big eyes so I was a bit apprehensive before trying this on.

Luckily it looks nice on me! My friend Bo said they're actually a nice fit with my eye size. The colour looks more like a deep blue than a gray. I think this would look really nice with some dolly/Japanese makeup!

Last but not least is this hazel shade. The colour doesn't really seep through as much as the blue one, and that actually makes it slightly more natural looking.

Overall I'm very happy with my haul! The lenses are all super thin and lightweight. I can attest to their quality and comfort, and I really recommend them! Lenses can be tricky to put on though, so remember to learn how to put them on properly before sticking them in your eye.

I hope you guys found this post helpful! 💕 See y'all in the next post!

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