my goal this holiday: ULZZANG-ation of myself

November 17, 2011

as any student would like to do for their holidays, i'd like to list down some of my goals for this coming holiday :D as of today (17/11) i only have 45 days till school starts, so i'll make the most of it! ^^ 

main goal: mold myself into an ULZZANG

not sure if your familiar with the term, but ulzzang comes from korea ("ul" part of a korean phrase that means "face" and "zzang" is actually "jjang"/"awesome", just written in z for better pronunciation outside korea, so "ulzzang" literally means "awesome face"/"perfect face")

ulzzangs are perfect complexioned, big-eyed, awesome-haired and selca lovers~ being an ulzzang is famous in korea, china, japan and all around asia too~ being an ulzzang is a status symbol in korea and a lot of people aim to perfect themselves. its not really necessary, but some parents go to the lenghts of saving up money for their children's plastic surgery in the futute O.O WICKED!

so to be an ulzzang, i gotta make certain that i meet certain standards too:

1. hair
i already have this XD i just dyed my hair but its not really that obvious~ i wanna dye it into a nicer more obvious colour >< also i need to grow my hair (a lot) and have it cut nicely~

the best ulzzang picture that i liked :D i want this hair colour and the hairstyle too 

long hair is a must!my hair with edit:

my hair without (so much) edit:

2. eyes
ulzzangs have big eyes (which is the highlight of most ulzzang pictures) and that's because of contact lenses~ so i gotta get myself a pair too~

big eyes O.O

i have natural brown eyes that i just recently noticed :D

3. skin
white skin == this part i'm not gonna change~ i have brown skin, i'm gonna try and get LIGHTER brown skin and that's it. i wanna have the skin i had before i played with my friends in a water park and just put on spf 45 sunblock == i am PROUD of my skin colour :D

what my skin colour used to be a  few weeks back~

also, from last year, i worked really hard on getting rid of my pimples, and succeeded :D my face is still oily, but way better than last time :)

skin complexion looks perfect now right? XD

4. body
i'm not really the type that exercises, so during PE, i do my best to really move, and since i dance a lot, i got thinner! ^^ OMG from my size last time, i swear not to overeat anymore~ >< im most proud of my LEGS coz i'm not that hairy, and i got them in good shape from dancing ^^


5. selcas
selcas (or zi-pai in chinese XD) means taking pictures of yourself, which is the main thing that ulzzangs do~ gotta work on my selca-ing though~ i think EVERYONE in this whole world will look good in pictures, they just need to have a professional photographer following them everywhere -,-
i think these are some of the best selcas that i've taken this year~ the others...not so much XD

hope i succeed! ^^

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