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M Y   S K I N   P R O F I L E
Skin type: Oily to combinatio
Skin shade: MAC NC42
Skin tone: Yellow Undertone
Skin concern: Acne, acne scars, excess sebum





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  1. Hi.

    I have some mild skin break out and they really bother me, like alot! And my self esteem is dropping real low and I dont feel like living life anymore.... (lol im just kidding otl)

    but really, i hate my skin condition right now :< Would you recommend me some products that could help? Your skin is truly, very clear and beautiful I'm so jealous!!! I hope you could help me!

    1. Hi Aina, thanks for commenting! Thanks for your compliments too, but like everyone I suffer from acne and I still have a few scars (all erased by a bit of make up and editing haha). I've learned that there's no use in feeling sorry and sad over things like break outs! Stay positive and focus instead on learning more about your skin. Also, teenagers tend to break out more, so hopefully it's just a phase :)

      As for acne products, I previously uploaded a video about my suggested acne products (you can check that out here: I hope I helped :)

  2. hello :) 1 months ago, i had an oily skin but lately my face has gone dry! and my face "menggelupas". im so scared. i feel so so so insecure. and do you have any review product for my skin?

    1. Hi thanks for commenting! Oh dear, did you use products recently that made you peel? I suggest using moisturizers like Nature Republic or Face Shop's Aloe Vera Gel. Hada Labo's milk is very nice too.

      If you are extemely dry, I suggest using mild cleansers and cream moisturizers so that you skin can gain back moisture :)

  3. Hi, I was wondering, what would you say are the best products for blackhead removal? a lot of what i find are nose strips, but i'm looking for something that can be used for both my nose and my chin, which are FULL of not so tiny black spots.

    1. Hi! For blackhead removal I would really recommend Elizavecca's Hell Pore Mask, it really works great at extracting blackheads! If you would like a gentler solution, I suggest Innisfree's Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask or COSRX's Blackhead Power Liquid <3

  4. Hello, from Canada!
    I recently discovered your website & I love it! Keep doing what you love.

    I just wanted your suggestion for someone who has really sensitive skin and who out of nowhere broke out . What would you recommend to start with product wise for someone who really doesn't have a skin care routine and cant really purchase anything without sampling it do to irritation and inflammation that a product may cause?

    I've seen you have reviewed The Face Shop's, Therapy line as well as their Dr. Belmeur line. Will you be reviewing any products from their YEHWADAM line?

    If you can recommend something essential to start off with products to build my skin care routine?

    Thank you!
    The Canadian :)

    1. Hi my Canadian friend <3

      Glad you enjoyed reading my blog! I was actually looking at reviewing their Yehwadam line soon, so stay tuned for that! :D As for product recommendations, I'd recommend The Face Shop's Aloe Vera gel. Its a multi purpose product that's very good at calming the skin and soothing breakouts. If you'd like a more targeted product that was made to really solve acne problems, I recommend The Face Shop's Dr. Belmeur line (they work great and have a range for sensitive skin) or COSRX's BHA Skin Returning Asol (really good for clearing acne)!


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