OXY 10 Acne Pimple Medication Cream Review

August 5, 2015

In this post I will be reviewing Oxy's OXY 10 Acne Pimple Medication!

As you may or may not already know, I have oily skin and I suffered a lot from pimples. Not the just the small bumps on your face kind of pimples but full on pus-filled pimples. The main cause of this was hormones, my skin type and improper skincare so remember people: know how to wash you face properly!

This is my go to pimple reliever, so without further ado, on with the review!

*Disclaimer: I was not paid to make this post. I bought this product with my money and this is my honest review ^^*



This product is a cream that helps to kill acne bacteria, dry up excessive oil and unclog blocked pores. 

The active ingredient of this cream is Benzoyl Peroxide, a popular topical ingredient for treating acne. Oxy has two pimple creams: OXY 5 (which has 5% Benzoyl Peroxide) and OXY 10 (which has 10% Benzoyl Peroxide). Oxy also has a product called OXY COVER, an acne cream that is kinda like foundation because it provides coverage. I've never tried it before because it only comes in 1 shade and I don't think the shade will fit me.

Benzoyl Peroxide is extremely drying to the skin and may not be suitable for some skin types. If you're interested,I suggest that you try out OXY 5 before deciding whether or not to move on to OXY 10. 

I started  using this acne cream when I was in form 3 and at that time I used OXY 5. It managed to remove some acne but the effects were quite slow and unsatisfactory. I moved on to OXY 10 when I was around Form 4 and I've never tried any other cream since. It manages to kill my pimples effectively and efficiently.


Both OXY 5 and OXY 10 are available in 10g tubes (RM9.50) or 25g tubes (RM19.90). I usually purchase the 25g tube at Watsons.


The product comes packaged in a tube which allows you to get cream hygienically. I travel back and forth Penang and Ipoh and I don't find it annoying to carry at all because its size is perfect. 



The cream has a thin consistency, white in colour and has a very slight smell. It leaves a dry and kind of powdery finish which I think is because of the Benzoyl Peroxide. If used in the appropriate amount it won't be too dry and the product will disappear upon absorption! ^^

This stuff is quite dangerous so make sure to not let it get into your eyes, mouth or eye area because 

1. You'll blind yourself (duh hahaha)
2. You'll poison yourself (another duh)
3. The area/skin around your eye is D E L I C A T E. You don't want any random product going in there, especially Benzoyl Peroxide. (This is serious stuff)


I usually apply this after my toner, essence and lotion:

Wash - Toner - Essence - Lotion - Acne Medication - Serum - Moisturizer

My acne medication products actually comprise of only 2 products: this OXY 10 cream and the OXY Anti Pimple Mark Gel (click here for review). I apply this cream on any active/"live" pimples or spots where it looks like it will break out.


This product does what its supposed to do. It gets rid of pimples easily. When I don't pop the pimple or irritate it, it usually goes away within a couple of days without leaving a mark.

I mentioned in my review for the gel that the gel was the main reason why my dark acne marks disappeared. This product on the other hand, is the main reason why I got rid of most my pimples. Previously I had a lot of acne around my jaw area and I couldn't take it so I popped most of them hahaha. I've learned my lesson to have more patience and use cream instead. This cream managed to get rid of my jaw acne and I rarely get them. I only get some when I'm stressed or something.

One bad thing about this cream (well not necessarily bad) is that although it works on my pimples very well, it actually kind of bleached a part of my jaw. I used to go crazy with it and just slab it on, so now the skin around my jaw area is pretty uneven. 


This is my go-to pimple cream! I love that it gets rid of pimples but I do need to control myself on how much I apply because it can be too strong sometimes.


I will probably buy this product for as long as I live hahaha. I mean, even if I didn't have any pimples at the moment (when will that day come T.T), it will be useful to have it around in case I ever breakout. Plus, it's affordable!


So that's all for this review! If you're interested in reading my other product reviews, click here!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. It has methylparaben. Can cause breast cancer

  2. Actually, all parabens causes cancer.

  3. i used to use the acne treatment cream and it works well.. i stopped using this for a year and now my acne is starting to get worse and i have tried a lot of products but it doesnt get better and i have quite a lot dark scars.. i will buy the cream for acne scars treatment that you recommended and i hope the product works well on me,, and now im starting to use back this acne treatment cream, i hope to see good result of my skin soon

    1. Hi yoongijimin, thanks for commenting! Same! I also don't use this product everyday anymore, but whenever I have breakouts I just use this again. Hope your skin clears up soon! 💕

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. May I know what's the difference between OXY 5/10 Acne Pimple And Medication and OXY Anti Pimple Mark Gel?

  6. May I know what's the difference between OXY 5/10 Acne Pimple And Medication and OXY Anti Pimple Mark Gel?

    1. Hi swyyuki, thanks for commenting! The medication cream is a thin cream specifically for acne and pimples, and the anti pimple mark gel is specifically for acne scars. Hope I helped! :)

  7. Great article, but I wanted to know if it also cures cystic pimples. Like the really annoying ones one the nose or neck.

    1. Hi Sanoske, thanks for commenting! When I had some small cystic acne, it did help. If you want to soothe big cystic acne, it would be better if you used some aloe gel as its more soothing :) Hope I helped

  8. Thanks again!. I was wondering if I can combine both the Oxy 10 cream and the aloe gel. And also I want to know if the aloe gel has the same effect as the Oxy pimple anti mark gel?.

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  12. Hi Eros, I love your articles! They are both informative and helpful. May I ask what products go well with the oxy gel and oxy10 cream to complete the routine (Wash - Toner - Essence - Acne products - Serum - Moisturizer) for sensitive and oily skin with a lot of acne and scars? Thank you in advance!

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  20. does it hurt when you apply the cream? cus my face hurts so much lmao. is that normal?

    1. On open wound, yes! Try not to apply it on open wound and let it heal a bit first (like with aloe gel). Hope this helps!

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