Anello Bags: Are they worth it + Real vs. Fake

September 16, 2016

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be talking about Anello Bags.

Anello Bags are all the latest it-bags in Malaysia & Singapore. I legit cannot go out of the house without seeing one. I actually first heard about it from my mom when we were out shopping. I looked at the bag and thought that it was okay, kinda looked like a bag that I had back in high school. Fast forward to today, almost everyone here in KL has one!

Anello Bags are actually from Japan. They come in a wide range of colours and materials, and so far I've seen different designs (backpacks, totes, bostons, etc.).

I see the plain coloured backpack ones the most but there are other patterns aside from canvas like PU & leather as well.

I think that they look great and practical. I think the wide selection of materials and designs are what make them unique.

Being the young fashionista wannabe that I am, I was conflicted about getting one. On one hand it was cute and seems practical. On the other, so many people had it that I just didn't want to be so mainstream/basic.

I've been using my leather backpack to work daily and I sometimes find it to be quite heavy. It has a lot of excess space too. Long story short, I was looking for a new bag and this Anello trend came in the right time.

I caved into the trend and got myself a black backpack from Lazada. As with a lot of popular items here in Asia, fake Anello bags soon came out. I found this informative post by describing some of the differences of a real and fake Anello boston bag and it was kind of my guide when I bought my bag.

The vendors on Lazada do offer the bags at varying discounted prices, but I wasn't really sure which was legitimately authentic.

I ordered the bag on August 28 and got it on the September 7. One of the reasons why it took so long was because I had to change my address to my office because no one was at home~

I did a few checks to see if it was legit when I got it:


1. Does it look like the picture on Anello's official website?

Yup it definitely did, EXCEPT for one feature. If you look closely, the bottom of the front pockets are different. I thought this was a dead giveaway BUT I searched online and observed people on the train and their front pockets were like mine. Does that mean everyone's is a fake?

2. Tags

In the post I referred to, they bought a  Boston bag and they said original bags are supposed to have 3 tags. Mine had 2:

Image source:

BUT! They said the attention card should say that it was made in China, and my attention card looked exactly the same. Maybe backpacks only get 2 tags?

Image source:

3. Design code

I checked it up on Anello's official website and the code is correct. The price is around the same as well:

4. Logo

The logo on my bag looks pretty thin and legit:

Image source:

Its also centered unlike the fake one (which was not centered and has a thicker font):

Image source:

5. Rivets

According to that post, original bags should have round rivets:

BUT! From the pictures on the official site, backpacks have flat rivets as well:

6. Hardware

The zippers should be gold and not rose gold, and mine were gold:

Image source:

So is my bag legit? My bag covered most of the criteria with a few exceptions, but I couldn't really care less. The material itself is great and sturdy. If ever this was a fake, it's very nicely made. If it's legit, well good for me!


I got this bag on Lazada for RM55, which is about 70% off the original price on Anello's site. The quality is quite good and I really like the size and the design. I was expecting it to just be a zip but the main opening actually has a metal frame that makes for safe storage.

Would I say it's worth it? Definitely yes. It's simple, affordable and useful. What else could you want from an everyday work/school bag?

And that's it for this post! I hope you found it useful and informative. What do you guys think of the anello bags?

As always, thanks for reading and see you all in the next post.



  1. I liked how you ripped off the authenticity check pictures from

    1. Um, I did mention that I found a comparison somewhere else and linked back to's comparison post. I forgot to mention their name though, so I guess that was my fault πŸ˜… I've fixed it so thanks for pointing that out! 😊

  2. Hi, Can you still remember the name of the vendor in Lazada where you bought the bag? Thanks!

    1. Hi, thanks for commenting! I checked my order on Lazada and the seller's name is Bagz Avenue :)

  3. Hi! You might wanna check this blog
    Why the tags, logo, revits and hardware are not he same :)

  4. Quote:

    – On the back of the Branded card, product information & social media accounts are sticked on the card instead of printed on. The card on Bag B also includes the telephone number of the Carrot Co, which is usually not present on other Anello Bags



    You missed 2 checks which seems to indicate that yrs is a fake:

    1. Yr social media info is stuck on instead of printed
    2. Yr card has tel number

    1. Hi Alex, thanks for commenting! Huh, guess I did. Well I guess that solves the mystery πŸ˜… so far after 3 months of using the bag its still pretty okay. No runs, tears or damage. I guess I got lucky and got a good dupe. Thanks for the heads up! πŸ‘

  5. Is your bag's size large or small? Thanks.

    1. Thanks for commenting! The bag is quite big, there's enough space to fit my laptop as well any my charger, notebook, pencil case, etc.

  6. Very nice, I was wondering how to discover the real ones. Very helpful. Appreciated.

  7. can I ask, do you know any bags similar to Anello??

    1. Hi Aly, thanks for replying! The Fjallraven Kanken backpacks were super popular (they still are actually). Herschel backpacks are pretty nice and trendy too 😊

  8. Hello! Have you washed your backpack yet? Mine is looking pretty dingy so I want to wash it but I'm not sure if I should

    1. Hi Aviva, thanks for commenting! Yes I have (once lol) and it was alright :) I did ask my grandma to help me sew and reinforce the straps for extra security though :)


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