My Top 5 Fave Jason Chen Covers

September 22, 2016

Music is one the most popular outlets for everyone. You can be stressed, tired, bored or super busy but there's always room for music.

Studying in a Chinese school, I've had the privilege of learning Mandarin. I've also been exposed to Chinese music! I wouldn't say I actively follow Chinese artists but I do have a lot of Chinese ballads on my iTunes. Every so often there'll be a super sad emotional ballad and I'll just obsess over it for a week haha.

You may or may not have heard of Jason Chen. I love love love his songs and covers. He's done quite a few translations, even mixes, of Chinese songs, so today I'll be sharing my top 5 fave Jason Chen Chinese/English covers!

1. Fairy Tale / 童话

This is a CLASSIC for me. I remember loving this song and coming across his cover back in high school. THE ENGLISH JUST INTENSIFIED THE FEELS.

2. Best Friend

YES! THIS SONG! Jason released "Best Friend", an original song, in 2011 and omg all the feels! There's a Chinese version and in all honesty I prefer it over the English version. Putting this on repeat definitely helped me with my pronunciation, and its still one of my fave songs to feel emo to haha.

3. Quiet / 安静

This is what I was talking about Chinese/English mix! A lot of covers sound awkward when they're translated, and tbh the first few lines of Jason's translation kinda sounded a bit off. But once you get over that and reach the chorus...T.T

4. 小幸運 / A Little Happiness

This song's pretty new and its from the Our Times OST. I really loved that movie and all the characters in it 😍

5. Sorry & Love Yourself

He's also done the translating the other way round! Here's JB's Sorry & Love Yourself in Mandarin:

They didn't sound as weird as I thought they were going to 😂

And that's it for today's music recommendations. Thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post!

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