5 Korean Beauty YouTubers You Gotta Subscribe to

September 20, 2016

Getting sucked into the world of K-beauty is easy, but it’s keeping up with it that’s challenging. From looks inspired by the latest drama to the newest products launched straight from Seoul, it’s hard to keep tabs on all things Korean. Also, another barrier would be the language.

Luckily we have beauty vloggers to help us! There's tons of super pretty vloggers on YouTube but I only keep up with my faves. So whether you’re a newbie or a hardcore beauty geek like me, here are 5 Korean beauty gurus on YouTube that you HAVE to be subscribed to:


Okay, if you're into K-beauty and you don't know Pony you better start questioning yourself haha (jkjk). 

Arguably the most famous Korean beauty guru on social media, Pony also doubles as CL’s makeup artist!

She's just so damn pretty like LOOK AT HER!

I know she's been around for quite a while. Most of her old content is on Naver, so she currently only has a few videos on YouTube (but they all have a ton of views!). One of her most viewed are her Taylor Swift/Kylie Jenner makeup tutorials:

But tbh I think she's so pretty that she doesn't even need that much effort. Her bare face kinda reminds me of Hyuna too. I like her simple tutorials and anyone looking for simple looks like this apricot inspired one should go check her out:

Known for her signature pink hair, Pony is the aesthetic queen you never knew you needed!

(She doesn't have pink hair anymore BUT I HAVE NOT MOVED ON I'M STILL OBSESSING)


More on the fun and creative side we have Ssin, or Ssinnim as she’s known online.

Ssinnim is more random/friendly/talkative compared to Pony. Her subtitles are funny and I feel like she's the most versatile artist here on my list. She's known for her K-pop inspired looks (like CL, GD, Kai, Fan Bing Bing and even T.O.P on her bro!)

She also has a few costume-y and dramatic looks (like Maleficent, Elsa and Harley Quinn inspired looks):

Ssinnim also has a roadshop series where she recommends products from specific Korean brands.


If you’re in the mood for that simple and pretty girl next door look, meet your new best friend Daddoa. Known for her simple yet pretty “get ready with me videos”, Daddoa also talks about how to style your hair & other variant of the effortless pretty Korean look.


I think Sunny's the youngest here on my list~ From what I've gathered from her Q&A videos, she moved to the US and moved back to Korea recently (GOD HER ENGLISH ACCENT IS SO NICE)

I first found out about Sunny through her super accurate Hani tutorial:

(which was recently updated:)

And after getting known for that, she's made a few more idol inspired looks:

as well as other types of tutorials~ I feel like she has that best friend kinda vibe in her tutorials ^^


Last but not least, another Sunny! Sunnydahye is the most "YouTuber"-esque out of all the people in this list. I say that because not only does she post beauty videos, she posts a lot of vlogs, tours and tag videos. She also studied in Indonesia so she has a few videos in Bahasa Indonesia~

I first came across her plastic surgery videos:

and my obsession started haha. It was so detailed and it seemed so easy. I legit went through the whole process of emailing Docfinder, getting a mini consultation, sending photos over, getting recommended procedures/doctors, getting the estimated cost, etc. I probably won't ever get anything done (bc I'm always broke af), but I guess it's nice to know. There's nothing gory in her ps videos and they're all very informative. If you're curious in that sorta thing like me, definitely check her out!

Anyways, she's more of a lifestyle vlogger and I recommend these few videos to start with:

I look up to all these people and hopefully one day I'll get to meet all of them. In the meantime I'll work on my blog and YouTube channel first haha. I swear I have a few things lined up!

As always, thanks for dropping by! See you in the next post!

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