1 Month Diary + 5 Internship Tips

September 11, 2016

Hey guys! One month has passed since I started my internship and I thought I'd update you guys on what's been going on~

I joined iPrice a month ago and I'm not sure if I should but I'll link them anyway! Basically iPrice is a catalog for over 3 million products! It compiles products from different sites like Hermo, Lazada, Qoo10, etc so that you don't have to go do different sites. It's your one stop shopping solution!

Anyways, I'm part of the communications/content marketing team and I've learned a lot, but mostly about link building and outreaching. I wouldn't say I'm good at it because I'm new to it, and tbh I haven't had a lot of positive results yet. I'll try my best though!

I finally got a room and I'm moving in in October. My monthly train expenses tho ugh. I have so many things to buy but everything's been going to my food and travel expenses recently T.T

My office is located in Mid Valley and my office is quite nice. When I first arrived, the company was in the midst of moving to a new office. 2 weeks later we moved to the penthouse of another tower and it was a big upgrade. We currently have these nice desks:

But the management thought they were too corporate looking (iPrice is a startup) so we're getting rid of them soon but tbh I quite like them.

My brow game has been living this month too! I decided to start taking steps to up my makeup game. I mean, what's the use of makeup if I only take pics for Instagram in my room right? I've just been doing my brows and that alone has boosted my confidence (and vain-ness hahaha)

No one's really said anything about it at work aside from the Thai content team! At least 3 people told me they liked how I did my brows. I legit exploded with pride like YASSSS BROWS ON FLEEEEEEEEEEEEK!

Ahem. Speaking of the people in the office, everyone's been uber friendly and helpful! I think the best thing so far about being in a startup company is that everyone's not that formal. Here's my team (sans my supervisor):

Here's a selfie of me and my teammate Kun + Laila & Honey from the content team. They're kind enough to always invite me out for lunch, and I really should stop being a hoe and start being more friendly/talk to them more.

Last week was especially good because I had an article published in TechInAsia! Its quite a high ranking website, so if you're interested in reading it click here.

I've been coming back to Melaka every two weeks and here's a few random pictures taken while my sibs and I wandered around:

Just the other night I treated my family to bingsu and it was nice to be the one paying for a change. (Don't get used to it tho XD).

We went to the beach right after and I managed to get this shot of my brother:

For bookings pls call me. (Jkjk haha) Follow him at eyemonstahyuri on Instagram!

There's only 3 work days next week and I'm looking forward to a laid back week. I have a lot of posts I'm working on for my blog so do keep an eye out! I have a fashion post lined up for this Friday and a few skincare reviews throughout the month. Here's a little sneak peek:

Being an intern in a company for a month definitely opened my eyes and made me realize how the working class kinda works. You have to be hardworking and do your best to reach your goals! So far I can only think of 5 tips to suggest to anyone out there who's doing your internship soon:

1. Know how to dress

I was lucky enough to get into a company with no dress code. Not to say that I can come to work wearing slippers or anything. It's more of an unspoken rule that everyone dresses up in a presentable way, but nothing too fancy. My outfits range from a t-shirt and shorts to a dress shirt and pants. I know the shorts are a bit informal, but I look great so I'm gonna ignore all of you there judging me right now.

Definitely check the "vibe" of your workplace before you start experimenting with your outfits! I dressed semi-formally the first week just to see how everyone else was dressing.

2. Talk to people

As part of the content marketing team, I'm mostly on my laptop. I admit it here on, out in the open, that I slacked off a lot. I mean, I'm on my laptop with my earphones on, it's easy to get sidetracked!

On top of that, my supervisor (although he's a great guy) didn't really give me much to do for the first few weeks. That might be good the first 2 days but in a week I already watched every video I wanted to and scrolled through the entirety of my Facebook newsfeed. As an intern, ask people around you if they need help with anything! I have more to do now and I definitely feel happier when I'm productive and I get something done by the end of the day.

Also, don't be scared of talking to your workmates in general. I'm lucky enough to have friendly work mates, but being the lil shit that I am, I found myself shying away from making conversations with them. Definitely try to make friends with them: it makes the office vibe so much better.

3. Budget, you hoe!

Okay, you have a paying job that doesn't pay a lot but still pays you. Got money then can go on a shopping spree in H&M right? Foundation ran out so you go to MAC and buy a new one right? Hungry so you go eat sushi for lunch right?

NO. Let me be the first to tell you, YOU AIN'T RICH.

I started mid-August, so I only got half my pay at the end of the month. It was so little yet I felt so rich. I don't know what possessed me but I bought so much stuff I didn't really need. I stopped because I realized I only had like 100 left, but also because I realized that I can save that cash and live like how I did back in college. I have no regrets over this anello bag + Forever 21 jacket I bought but I really need to stop buying.

*but let's be honest for a second, they look so nice right?????*

Do you need to eat fancy because you're in a fancy city? Nope, you can eat normally.

Do you need new clothes? Yes probably, but not every week! And definitely budget your expenses!

Do you need cosmetics? Hmm. Vanity is my weakness, so I recommend sticking to ONE beauty purchase per month.

4. Be responsible and be professional

Again, I was lucky enough to enter a company where I can enter anytime from 8am to 10am (and leave anytime from 5pm to 7pm). The catch is that you must work 8 hours. I feel so guilty when I arrive any later than 8.30, just because. So another tip of mine is to be early. I can come in at 10 but that doesn't really seem professional or seem nice (being an intern and coming in later than your boss is not okay).

Also, try not to sleep so late. You might want to watch a show or a movie, but limit yourself. Being an avid watcher, I tend to be a night owl. Nowadays I try to sleep before 12 (which is pretty early in my book). One day I was in the car with Bella and Kevin and Bella told Kevin "You can sleep earlier if you wanna sleep longer" and I legit had a brain freeze. Why didn't I think of it myself? Hahaha I probably sound so stupid right now but 12 has kinda been my bed time so I've been trying to sleep earlier.

5. Just have fun with it!

If you come to work and you end up not liking it, just pull through! It's only a for a few months, and you get to add something to your resume. Make your internship like a fun practical! So far work for me has been interesting and I've definitely learned a lot of stuff. Absorb as much as you can because in the end of the day, the internship is for YOU to learn something.

And that's all I have for this diary post. Bigbang will be coming to Malaysia soon and surprise suprise I won't be going! Haha. The pic beside is from Caryn's friend or something. I managed to attend their Alive Tour back in 2010 and although it would be great to go and see them again,

1. I'm broke af
2. TOP won't be coming so it ain't that worth it
3. I'd rather just save money for a Korea trip at this point.

HOWEVER I joined this clothing/ticket giveway by this site called Bangcube who'll be launching in 2 weeks time. If you have time to spare, do help me out by clicking here and entering your email! You'll get an email and all you gotta do is press "verify me" :)

If you've reached this part it means you managed to read through this diary post, so thanks!

If you wanna see what I'm up to on a daily basis, follow me on Snapchat @fishmeatdie or scan my snapcode on the sidebar (below if you're on your phone).

As always, I'll see you guys in the next post. Bye!



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