Etude House Zero Sebum Line: Drying Powder & All Day Matte Gel Review

September 23, 2016

Having an oily skin type, oil and sebum are two things in my daily life that I can't really avoid. Even when I don't sweat, I find that I still secrete oil. I've been using Etude House's Zero Sebum Drying Powder & Matte Gel recently to achieve a more matte look, so keep on reading this review to see what I think about them!


The Zero Sebum line is Etude House's solution for people oily skin. As someone who's living in a super hot country and has enough oil to fry a chicken, I was very keen on trying the products from this range!

The range initially included an All Day Matte Gel, a White Sebum Clear and a Drying powder:

but Etude recently packaged it, including a toner and an essence:

I couldn't find the all day matte gel because I think they discontinued it.

I actually have two of the powders, one with the old packaging and one with the new packaging. I got the one with the old packaging from my friend Sammi (thanks girl!) and I purchased the toner and the new powder from, just to see if they were the same. 

In this post I'll be reviewing the powders and the gel (toner review coming up soon!)


The drying powder retails for RM29 on but I got it for RM26 during promotion.


The drying powder comes in a 6g circle case with a puff inside. To be honest I find the new minimalist design nicer.

The gel comes in a 65ml tube:


The whole Zero Sebum line claims to have triple sebum control, thanks to these main ingredients:

The drying powder claims to not have talc, mineral oil, animal content, synthetic pigment and artificial fragrance:


The powder is white but when applied it adjusts to your skin tone. It smells just like normal powder and it doesn't really bother me.

The gel is transparent and smells very, very, slightly like alcohol.


For the powder, on normal days I use the puff to apply it directly on my skin after sunblock

I don't wear foundation on a daily basis but since this powder is translucent (similar to Innisfree's No Sebum Mineral Powder), I've used it to set my foundation with a brush as well.

I use the gel as a moisturizer after toner in the morning. I used this mainly in the morning because I secrete a lot of oil throughout the day.


Since I apply the powder after sunblock, I can definitely see an instant change from dewy to matte. The matte effect stays for about 4 hours. At that point I get slightly oily so I blot the oil with a blotting paper and re-apply.

This powder really does control oil, because around lunch I usually have to use 2-3 sheets of blotting for my face.

With it, I only use one!

As I mentioned above, the reason why I purchased a second one was because I wanted to compare if they were the same, and they are!

The gel is a fail for me. I feel hydrated with it, but I don't really feel that it does a great job of controlling oil. The appearance after using it isn't matte at all, and I look oily in 30 minutes. WTH.


I definitely recommend the powder. It does it's job, the price is affordable and the and I have a feeling it'll last me a few months.

As for the gel, I think I now know why Etude discontinued it. Goodbye and good riddance!


I wouldn't mind repurchasing the powder :)

That's all for today's review! If you'd like to read more reviews, click here.

As always, thanks for watching and see you in the next post!

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