Cerro Qreen Beginner Makeup Brush Set (Matcha Green) Review

September 21, 2016

Hi guys! Today I'll be talking about these brushes from Cerro Qreen that I got a few months back.

Yes, the brand name is Cerro Qreen. At first I thought it was a typo and that it was supposed to be Queen, but that's legit how it's spelled.

I was on the lookout for basic brushes to just experiment and play with and I came across this beginner makeup brush set on Hermo!

One part of me wanted to buy nice expensive brushes (like Real Techniques), but I thought why not play with some cheap ones first before slowly investing in better brushes?

I searched up reviews and read that Cerro Qreen brushes are pretty okay. At that time these green brushes were on sale for RM38 (click here to see it on Hermo).

To be honest I would have preferred it if it was in a cooler color like black. Jon got a gold set for 63 bucks as well (click here to see that)

The brush set comes with 7 brushes:

and it comes with the following brushes:


The brushes come with a PU roll up brush bag which is convenient, but I personally prefer putting the brushes in a pouch with my other makeup than carrying this around.

The brushes themselves came is very good condition and came wrapped in plastic (I forgot to take photos when I first got them so here's all of them lined up instead:


Powder brush

I've used this brush to set my foundation and I think it does a pretty okay job. I've watched a lot different brush reviews on Youtube and one of the things people usually talk about is the softness of the brushes. I haven't experimented with blush but I buffed the brush around on my cheeks like a madman to no irritation whatsoever :)

Eyebrow brush

My criteria for when I was looking for a nice set was that it HAD to have an eyebrow brush. I don't know, I just really like doing my brows with a brush instead of a pencil.

This brush is pretty precise and gets the job done.

Eyeshadow brushes

This set comes with eyeshadow brushes in 3 sizes. I use the smallest to buff the ends of my brows for a gradient effect. I use the medium one to apply nose contour and the largest one to buff it out.

I've tried experimenting with eyeshadow and although its good for applying I don't think it's very good for blending (aka you need a separate blending brush for that).

Eyeliner brush

I haven't experimented with eyeliner and I'm not sure how this will perform, so at the moment no comment from me! (I tried using it to put highlighter on my inner corners...didn't work that well)

Eyelash brush

This is the only brush I have that I haven't really used (I don't have/use mascara lol). I've tried it with eyebrow gel once and...meh. It's another brush that's just sitting there gathering dust for me.


For 38 bucks, I think you get a pretty good set of starter brushes. They get the job done and I definitely recommend this to makeup newbies like me.

And that's it for this short review! Thanks so much for reading and I hope to see you guys in the next post

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