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July 30, 2017

If you've been a reader of mine since the veeeeeeery beginning, you'll know that I posted quite a lot about Kpop. It all used to be ranting and fanboying, and almost none of it was very informative haha With SNSD's comeback fast approaching, I decided to preorder their 6th full length album.

So for today's post I'll be sharing a quick and easy tutorial on how you can get your Kpop albums on YesAsia!

YesAsia is a website where you can buy albums, DVDs, merch, magazines, etc. They carry not only K-pop but Japanese, Chinese and English stuff as well. They have 2 versions of their site: the US site & the Global site.

Back when I was still a high school student, I got my K-pop albums either through a music shop near my house or on YesAsia. The 2 main upsides of getting your albums on Yesasia are:

1. Sales count toward the Hanteo and Gaon music charts (which means contributing some extra lovin' to your group's promo activities)
2. You can preorder albums + they come quite fast and secure (nicely packaged)

When preordering albums, you get to choose either only the album itself:

or with the poster:

It's been quite a while since I last made a purchase on YesAsia and its nice to see that the interface and system still looks similar to how it did back then. YesAsia has lots of albums available and they even offer first press/country editions of albums!

My SNSD collection is far from complete, but I do plan on completing it. I haven't gotten my hands on their 1st single yet so as a treat for myself, I bought a copy of ITNW as well. According to YesAsia, sometimes parcels will be shipped separately depending on when your pre-order album launches.

After you select the items you want, you can click on the cart and check out. You'll be directed to a check out page where you can input your shipping details:

For the Global site there are 2 shipping methods: Express and Standard. I went a head and selected Standard.

From my memory, I think Hong Kong customers can pick up their parcels directly from the YesAsia office (as YesAsia is based in Hong Kong).

After that, you can select free gifts. My previous orders came with magazines last time but this time round I didn't have any options~

I selected credit card as my payment option:

After that I confirmed my order:

and jjajjan! My order was placed!

After that my order status was put "On Hold" as my credit card payment was being verified.

And that's about it! I'll do a whole other post about my review on how long the parcel takes to arrive + an unboxing, so stay tuned for that! I'm still kinda in shock that I broke my no-Kpop-album-shopping diet, but hey, it's SNSD's 10th Anniversary and I should indulge a bit (even if my screaming...). In the meantime pls gawk at the perfection that is Hyoyeon:

I hope you guys found this post helpful! 💕 See y'all in the next post!


  1. Hi. Thanks for the info here. I was looking for related articles coz I'm planning on pre-ordering the coming 5th full length album of EXO. I'm quite hesitant to join the bulk orders of groups coz I never know the pricing..hehehe. And since YesAsia sales counts to Gaon & Hanteo, then I'm seriously considering YesAsia. I like your detailed explanation, really helps a lot.
    By the way, I like Hyoyeon, too. :)

  2. helo can we use debit card?malaysia debit card?or need to use paypal if dun have credit card


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