suspended internet connection

November 1, 2011

so one of the disadvantages of my family using P1 WIMAX is that we're on the borderline of the covered areas that get connection, so most of the time we have fast internet, but sometimes it magically disappears and i need to restart it~ but NOW the problem that happened is that the connection got SUSPENDED??! we don't know exactly how that happened, but sure enough i can't use P1 WIMAX to go online anymore -,- so i guess you're wondering, "how did you post this then?" XD well, i've gone back to my old ways and have started "BORROWING" wifi from my neighbour XD they don't have a lock~ and i just realized something, if your laptop is bigger, does that mean that you get more wifi??? because when i still had my Compaq Presario V2000, i could connect to my neighbor's wifi ANYWHERE in my house, but using the Asus EEE PC now, i only get connection from me and my sister's room~ weird huh~

what i got when i opened google chrome -,-

CNet! my savior! XD my wonderful neighbour's unlocked wifi! ^^
( 229CBC is ours =,= )

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