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November 9, 2011

Through LEO CLUB i've experienced being a member, being a 2nd vice president, being an MC, going to a camp, helping the needy out, playing with kids from an orphanage, cleaning my school compound, walking around a mall with cardboard on my head while giving out recycled bags, making friends from other schools, and collecting badges :D now i'm experiencing how to become a programmer for an event~

Through PRIMARY SCHOOL i experienced being in the top 5 students in my class every time, discovered with my friends that DANCING was my passion, discovered that my english was awesome, in writing, reading and speaking ><

Through HIGH SCHOOL i discovered that i could be percieved as proud if i don't smile, that dying your hair brown with you friends and hiding from the discipline department was fun, that it was ok to hate people because they probably hate you back, to be able to haggle from the canteen uncle so that i can drink a whole cup of coke without spendinh money, to improve my ACTING, to look up to people and make people look up to me :)

Though SCHOOL i realized that i'm more comfortable with having most of my friends as girls but that we boys also rock XD being a guy has advantages that girls will never have but that girls kinda do too~ i also learned the most important lesson in my whole schooling life: SUCK UP TO THE TEACHER AND YOU'LL BE ALRIGHT XD

Through KPOP i discovered what my favourite music was, to explore different genres, what my favourite style of dancing was, and that we molded ourselves to copy what our favourite artists look like so that we can at least have the look of perfection ^^ i also discovered that SOJU is my vice ><

Through MALAYSIA i discovered that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, to shop until you drop, to eat spicy food, to love malls, to love IKEA, and to stop and look at the stars once in a while :)

Through TRF i discovered that friendship does break and when it does, you can always find new friends but you'll always want your old ones back =']

Through BLONETTES i discovered that you need to dye your hair to be cool, you need to be part crazy, you need to be loud and noisy and why you need to have people to accompany you when you go to the toilet XD

Through CARYN i discovered what my dream house should look like XD that your beauty and your smile isn't something that you can just make by looking in a mirror. its either natural and you should accept yourself JUST THE WAY YOU ARE :D

Through SAMMI i discovered that you shouldn't be mean to someone just because of what they look like or what their shape is, especially since one of them could just tun out to be one of your best friends :D

Through CRYSTAL i discovered a new level of ZI-LIAN-ity (XD is that a word?? i mean i discovered a new level of self love) and that even though you aren't perfect, in your friends' eyes YOU ARE :D i also learned that when someone likes you you should just play hard to get XD

Through CHAI i learned that beauty isn't judged on how you look like. its judged on YOUR PERSONALITY. looks are just temporary.i also discovered that kim hyun joong is awesome XD

Through NAOMI i discovered that being sot doesn't only take  place at a certain time and place, its a LIFESTYLE :D i learned that people are nice enough to always treat you but that you should also treat them back, and that sometimes people DO misunderstand and even though it makes yo awkward with each other, it makes you BEST BUDDIES if you can just ignore it :D i also learned to trust a friend and that you can take a million pictures of yourself and no one will mind XD

and finally, i learned that liking a person really isn't that easy, especially if its the wrong person, its one sided and that person is a bunch of years older, but that you should keep moving forward without any regrets :]

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