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November 25, 2011

first time i saw this was when Sooyoung made one for a show, i saw it next when i watched SHINee's hello baby, so today, i decided to make my own ^^

  • S1S1??! S1S2??! S1S3??!

im kinda getting stressed out by this =3= what the hell??! i might be demoted to second class because of that stupid registration fee! and ms NA OH MI and kw won't be in the same class as me as well?? no way!! == ngo hou sien arr~ me and ms NA OH MI have been in the same class for 3 years straight, kw for 2 years (kinda skipped last year) but we can't be separate! my mum!! XD

  • SNSD

of course SNSD is always on my mind XD i'm always singing and dancing~

  •  $
money =3= who isn't short of money these days~ i have a ton of things i wanna buy but i don't have enough money to buy them~

  • christmas presents

me and my sibs are kinda running late on buying christmas presents this year~ kinda low on money too -,- but our AMERICAN uncle, unclu phil might be giving us an iPad for christmas! ^^ COOL! 

  • dance
well, i told my mom that i wanted to go for dance class and she said she'll think about it~ ^^ never mind if she doesn't let me though, i can still dance by myself~ i currently learning Pink's Fingers, f(x)'s NU ABO, WG's Be my baby, SNSD's The Boys and a lot more O.O i gotta ake myself occupied for the holidays~ ps. i wanna see FAME!

  • fat
=3= figure 10.8 of my school's form 1 science textbook~ i need to lose MORE fat! =3=

  • new house, new room
well, we're moving into our new house this sunday and im kinda nervous. what'll it be like living in a new house? we've stayed in our current house for more than three years now, and i think its gonna be a great experience :D

  • holiday
TOOOOOOOOOTALY too boring =,= everyone's out on part time jobs and im at home blogging XD you think blogging counts as work?? blek XP i'd like to go to KOREA since its snowing there right now :]

  • 华文 (chinese)
i think my chinese has improved a LOT since i first started learning it :D but still a lot of errors and my progress is too slow -,- gotta learn quickly~

this is my current mindset ^^ if i KNOW i'm the best, then i AM the best ^^ and i'm also loving 2NE1's NAEGA JEIL JAL NAGA! ^^

  • 我爱yUrOusI

i keep thinking about what to blog about ^^ BLOGGING IS MY LIFE now >< (wrote the  wrong in the brain drawing though -,- )

  • MP3
my mp3's been full for a long time now, and i need to constantly delete songs to put new ones in (a measly 2GB)~ i think i need a new one~

  • where does dust come from?
-,- almost HILLS of dust here in my room now due to packing~

  • 초콜릿 chocolate
i have this CRAVING for chocolate right now XD

  • 얼짱 ulzzang
still trying to perfect myself~ if you don't know what it means, click HERE please ^^

  • 한국어(korean)
i know how to read and write in korean now, and i understand some phrases but i'm still lakcing -,- gotta IMPROVE!

  • laptop
i need an XNote!! ^^

  • albums
i need to have The Boys by this year! even if i need to buy it with my own money!

  • nose
my nose is kinda big == people keep on commenting about it and my bro keeps on saying that i need to go for plastic surgery -,-+ like rachel berry, I AM PROUD OF MY NOSE!

  • 김희철 kimheechul
saranghaeyo kimheechul!! ^^ 

  • SB
which means SCRAPBOOK! i need a new one! i've used up my old one and i wanna start a new one ^^

  • food
mostly STRAWBERRIES and korean food :D i wanna eat bulgogi all the time! ^^

  • leo club
new projects and activities for next year, not to mention TALKING to new members -,- wo hen ke lian~

  • 紫靖 可薇 嘉雯 (naomi, caryn, sammi)
ngo hou sien ahh!! wanna go out on an outing or something guys?? XD

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