21.11.11 3AM DIARY

November 21, 2011

long time no diary huh~

been watching videos quite a lot these days, but tonight's kinda special :) been watching onew <3 key videos and infinite's nothing's over mv~ been quite some time since i've seen a cute, dorky, fun mv :D the song's nice too~

been smiling to myself for no reason though, dunno why~ especially since i received shocking news! my parents asked me not to give the registration fee for next year first and give it next year, just submit a letter like they said, but now my name disappeared from the namelist~ gotta fix that, can't let that happen~ i am the 21st student in class! TWENTY ONE! 2NE1! XD i got that FIRE that make your heart go BOOM BOOM BOOM! :D i like saying that phrase everywhere i go~ coz SANDARA PARK has the same birthday as me! ^^ her lyrics mean "you got the fire that male my heart go boom boom boom" but i kinda stuck to my improvised lyrics ><

hmm...bored dao si leh these days, and sleeping late some more~ earliest i've slept for the past 3 weeks is 1.30am i think~ maximum is at about 5~ then i wake up, eat, go online and that's it~ gotta have some variety this holiday~

just thought i'd post a diary entry since its been so long :D gonna go back to looking for a nice movie to watch >< BYE! or as HyunA would say it, BYE-YEOM! XD

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