[14.11.11] LOST WORLD OF TAMBUN and steamboat dinner at caryn's house with FRIENDS :D

November 15, 2011

14.11.11 was one of THE best days of the year for me :] i got to go to the LOST WORLD of TAMBUN with my friends!! yipee!! XD

first, sammi and i went to caryn's house to meet up, and ms NA OH MI was already there since she slept over~ in sammi's car, LMFAO's Sexy and I Know it was playing and she like, sang it for the whole day XD

our first stop from caryn's house was mcdonalds, but before going we decided to take a picture:

and i thought that was that, but they asked me if i noticed anything, and when i said no, they pointed at the plant behind us (can you see the pot behind naomi in the picture??) and there was a paper bag!! a birthday present!! i was like"thank you!! ^^" but when i opened it, i was like "THAAAAAAAANK YOU!! :D" but in a kinda small voice cuz i was really shocked! it was an SNSD album!! ^^ and a card! this is one of the main reasons why i was very happy for the whole day :D

we went on our way to mcdonalds for breakfast which was sponsored by caryn's mom 

my tea :D i put in a TON of sugar and creamer ><

she LOVES her jam XD

:D we had a lot of fun in the playground and took some pics there too XD

and we went on our way to lost world! ^^ there was this suspicious old man trying to sell us tickets but we ditched him == since naomi and sammi knew people from lost world, we had a discount! ^^ our wristbands had the words "ADULT STAFF" on them! ^^ lost world is also working on high tech wristbands that are coming out on the 16th :)

the random unknown man ==

we're STAFF!

and we finally got inside! ^^ we chose locker A12 and A11 and went back to the shop to help judy buy some shorts for swimming~

yay! we're here!

judy's new shorts! XD

we then played the water slide, the longkai, the big beach-like pool, the hot springs, the tin valley, the tiger valley, the petting zoo, the nursery and a lot more, but no pictures coz we left the camera in the locker -,- we DID take pictures after we took our lunch though :)

just got out of the water and heading to the resto for lunch :D

LOL random posing

my face has elephant tusks!

OMG PG18! what am i doing in the water?? XD!!!


too much water! our hair! XD

OMO the pole molester!

i look so dark in tis picture :( darker than what my skin colour really is -,-


and after taking pictures we headed to the theme park! XD we played TWO different rides which both spun around XD

us when ride number 1 was still starting :D

and after a few more extra pictures, we hit the showers :D

the 4 of us wore our class t-shirt ^^
and after going to the gift shop

she wanted to buy this bear but ended up buying a hat XD

we had to say goodbye to lost world! well, at least for now XD

we hugged the cats goodbye :'] im there acting cool XD

next we headed to Giant to buy some snacks before we had our steamboat dinner

a credit card swiper with a sad face on it D:

and when we got to caryn's house, we had a nice long chat with snacks and took pictures! ^^ i also found out the in the classi got the 21st postition out of 41 and the 24th in the whole form ^^ 21st might seem low to you but i am happy! its because as i didn't take malay, chinese and pmr subjects for the part 2 years, my ranking in the class was always the last and in the form always 80. but since this year i took basic chinese, i got a higher ranking! ^^ happy dao! but the only thing i want is for me and my friends to still be in the same class as i am next year :)

naomi tied caryn's hair so that it looked like she had short hair XD

i was talking and posed for the camera in a split second XD

sammi: random tissue XD
naomi: bunny hair!
me and caryn: act cute pose XD

my (act??!) cute hairstyle for our whole stay in caryn's house :D all of them tied their hair so i copied them XD

naomi wearing caryn's new hat!

feeding the koi fishies

and sending them songs :O

the time then came for our outdoor steamboat dinner and we quickly set it up~

she more or less just sat there

and ate when the food was ready -,-

it started drizzling at first but then the rain really started pouring, so we had to move inside, it was still fun though, we stood while eating straight from the pan :D

this was what she wanted to do from the start! to eat from the pot cover like gu jun pyo! XD

quietly drinking chocolate milk which makes her high -,-

we then danced to korean songs (moslty 2NE1's i am the best XD) and played with kw's webcam on her new macbook pro! ^^ (the pictures currently unavailable)~ we also played UNO while naomi watched SHINee's hello baby emo-ly on her own XD

when 10.30pm came, sammi and i had to go home :'[ (naomi was sleeping over again) so we said our goodbyes and we'll be able to see each other in school again on the 16th! ^^

wen i got home i opened my present and really got to appreciate it then :) i REALLY love you guys! ^ and i'll buy you guys gifts too! ^^

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