moved into our new house today :D

November 26, 2011

as you can see from the title, today's the day we moved! ^^ i had to say goodbye to my room for 3 years D: gonna be living in a new house and never gonna go back there again~ T.T im gonna miss all the randomness that happened in that house~ #3, JALAN BANDAR BARU TAMBUN 3, BYE BYE! =']

anyways,  i woke up and was so blur -,- i was up til 2am talking with my bro, and i only got a few hours of sleep~

got up and the first thing they made me do was to totally clear my room~

and after a deliberately long bath, we carried the furniture downstairs

and i was the first one to reach the new house! ^^ they planned to leave me ALONE coz they needed someone to look after the house while they were travelling back and forth~ so i brought the wifi with me ^^ 

and took one last selca in the house ;')

and we were off! again, took selcas in the car ><

and we finally reached our new home!

first thing i did was go to my new room and fix my stuff~

and then my bro euri came! XDhe played a lot with the automatic gate -,-

and after 6 hours of endless carrying and arranging (8am-2pm *no lunch*) we headed to wooleys food court to grab some late lunch~ after that it was back to arranging and my mom was arguing with me about our room's furniture's arrangement -,- and SOMEONE was pissed coz i made a 1 cm square injury to the wall -,- 

anyhoo, now im lying on my mattress again (no bed yet,gonna let our relatives use it when they arrive on the 7th~ IM SO DAMN NICE XD) and online-ing :) our room's mostly done now~

gonna post more pictures when i regain my energy~ now im just POOPED :X ^^ till the next post! ^^

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