This is my Girls' Generation! (Tiffany's Genie rap, Japan Tour)

November 2, 2011

finally found a clean studio version :D this is from their Japan 1st Tour in Tokyo, Yoyogi (Jul 14. 2011)

^^ only one word for rapper Hwang :D :


Welcome to my show, its a revolution
This is my Girls' Generation!
Everyone rock with me, take it in all right
Get hype! Jump! Let's party all night
I know we the ones to make you super crazy
Wanna be your Genie for more than one night
Watchin' me, feelin' me, callin' my name
I just want you and me to feel the same
Come on and move it put your hands up in the air!
Everybody lose control and hands up in the air!

full song version:


to watch the whole Japan cable coverage of the concert, click here :D

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