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November 24, 2011

went to Jusco for 7 straight hours today -,- and i'm blogging about what happened as usual, but today i downloaded this really cool photo editing app on my phone, so i decided to take all the photos i took today on that app :D the app's name is FxCamera ^^ most of the effects i took were Toy Camera and Polandroid (yes, not polaroid, poLANdroid)~ i like this effect :D

first picture i took with the app:

scene outside my bedroom's window~ 

and when we got to jusco, we set out to do our mission: buy contact lenses XD the sign said only RM20 but it was actually RM45 and RM20 for the second pair~ (i was with my sis and bro) i was eating a cornetto sundae, my bro an oreo mcflurry and my sis a choco top sundae cone ^^ (shuang hor) we then saw a guy from our school and bus working at a book fair near mcdonalds -,-

we then walked around, went eating, walked around, went window shopping, walked around and we spotted our mom and sibs eating at secret recipe -,- so we went to them and ate some cake too XD

coffee! ^^ this was mom's, i drank earl grey tea ^^ i kinda like it ^^

mango cream cake i think, forgot the name~

after that, we separated again and now we headed to Popular coz i wanted to buy a new SCRAPBOOK coz i filled my old one -,-


all notebooks and drawing blocks -,-

colourful bottles! ^^

since there wasn't one to my liking, we headed to the department store where my sis laughed like she was crazy -,- she was laughing at a guy who made an impatient sound behind us coz we were walking too slow~

my sis hitting her head coz she was laughing too hard XD

still no scrapbook, so we headed to where the cds were and browsed for a while~ i took a selca with my sis :D but my smile == i didn't realize that my smile was awkward that time so i didn't think of retaking it~

weird me TT

edited to be my profile pic~ just put the date, and still weird -,-

after playing with hair straighteners, massage chairs, shelves, refrigerators and other stuff (><) we headed to Ting Hao for dinner~ a bit bored while waiting for our family to come though~

eros monroe! XD

while waiting i showed mom a pic snapped of her in mcdonalds earlier but she said she'd like the picture better in black and white -,-

dad said he wanted chilli padi for dinner -,-

we then headed to the department store where mom bought a stove (i dunno why, too) and i snapped random photos XD

ms kw's bear!

and after that we left jusco and headed a bit for Tokutokuya ><

and then it was back home :) i forgot to take a lot of photos so im not gonna talk about them anymore, and i took a lot of time posting this coz i was dancing to some music along the way -,- till the next post! ^^ (ps we met ms NA OH MI for a while with her cousins in jusco too :D)

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