i'm ITCHING to buy albums from YESASIA.com

November 15, 2011

i am itching!!! X.X they're so damn cheap!! SNSD's The Boys is only like RM 56.01 while its original price is RM 80.92! it still comes in the tin box, still has 10 postcards and still has the random card! :D

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but i made a vow to myself that the first album of SNSD that i'd buy for myself with my own money was SNSD's Run Devil Run (OH! Repackaged)! its even cheaper and also has a random (out of 9) folded poster!

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and i also want to buy Hoot though :D it comes with a randomly selected photo card (out of 18) and a special gift (which is a sticker)

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i gotta buy i gotta buy i gotta buy :( the free international shipping doesn't work if i just buy one, so i'm planning on asking my aunt to buy The Boys for me and i'll buy Run Devil Run (^^) and we'll buy it together so that the free international shipping works :D but buying The Boys and Run Devil Run still leaves RM18.++ until the FIS works! URGH! does YESASIA.com hate me?

T^T never mind, i'm still happy that my parents got me SNSD's Into The New World live concert album and my friends who got me SNSD's 1st Japan Album :D

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