Megan Lee

November 9, 2011

AWESOME GIRL!!! ^^ i found out about her when i was looking for an english version of Park Bom's You and I and i accidentally clicked on her video cover of 2NE1's Lonely, which won a cover contest, i think~ i then watched her cover of IU's Good Day and there is only one word i said when i finished watching it:


she hit the high notes perfectly and even hit the last high note that i thought only IU could pull off! i was like, you should be famous! XD i think she's went for this year's MBC Star Audition buti don't know if she won~

about Megan Lee:

she's a Korean-American teenager aged 16 born in California~ she's an ACTRESS, a SINGER and a SONGWRITER too :D i found that out on here website~ click here to :D

her cover of IU's Good Day (you really should watch this :D)

her cover of 2NE1's Lonely

her cover of 2NE1's Ugly

her cover of Taeyeon's If

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