what's my name?

November 16, 2011

everyone calls me eros :)
either [EH-ROS] or [EEH-ROS], i'm fine with it :)

my friends gave me a chinese name: 鱼肉死
it litteraly means [fish meat die] XD
its because [yu rou si] sounds like [eros]
my friends gave me this when i was in form 1

in cantonese i'm called [yu yok sei] XD
my friend gave me this name when i was in form 2

my formal chinese name: 余诺丝
read as [yu nuo si] :D
i got it this year from my chinese teacher :O

i also have a korean name : 에로스 :]
read as [eroseu]
i got it from the web, i directly translated my name :O

i have 4 extra names now
[yu rou si]
[yu yok sei]
[yu nuo si]

but only a handful of people know my real full name :D
and only half of that spoonful know how to pronounce my full real name correctly :D

some of you i met this year
some last year
and some last last year.

so the question is,

do you know what's my name? :]

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