naturally perfect guys

November 22, 2011

the reason i'm posting about this is coz i am a PERFECTIONIST :D (also because i'm getting kinda fed up with their perfect-ness *JEALOUSSSSSSSS* ><) i am just their FAN its not everyday you see these perfect people ><

there are a LOT of good looking guys out there, those picture perfect, big-eyed, ulzzang guys, and a lot of people (girls especially) tend to flock around them. i have one friend that knows all the good looking guys in my school and keeps track on them XD but, like me, most of them aren't quite what they seem in real life compared to their pics (esp. me XD i look like a wreck right now) but there are those certain people that look good in pictures AND real life and those that do NOT look good in pictures but look good in real life. and i gotta say i'm kinda, er, JEALOUSSSSS :X

there are only TWO naturally perfect guys that i've seen, each a different type of the types i've mentioned above. won't really name them out or post their pics (coz its rude) so just try to imagine XD

both of their similarities are: both 17, both graduating, both in an all boys school, both chinese, both perfect ><

first one, let's call him CM for cameraman. he's bespectacled, takes pictures, has dimples and looks perfect both in his pictures and in real life (I AM YOUR FAN XD) medium height, all boys school, popular, popular, POPULAR. first saw him in camp last year, don't really know him coz i'm a fan from a distance XD since he goes to another school me and my friends can talk about him freely, and WE ARE HIS FAN CLUB XD~ hmm, he's also handsome enough to pass for  girl (even he admits it) and really really perfect DAO SI >< I AM REALLY YOUR FAN!

second one, let's call him YAI coz he really resembles korean actor Yoo Ah In's looks and character from Sungkyunkwan Scandal (go to google and search it up XD)~ he's the type that looks ok on camera but WALAU EH OH SO perfect in real life. also met him in camp last year (yes i KINDA know him) we were roommates with 7 other guys (i think)~ he's QUIET and COOL with (always) tired eyes, but when he smiles YOU WILL DROP DEAD ON THE FLOOR XD no other explanation~ he was quiet the whole camp (i think so coz i didn't see him talk much) but kinda active in facebook if you ask me~ I AM ALSO YOUR FAN :D

CM and YAI are from different schools ya, but both graduated this year~ you want their facebook then message me XD just had to post about my PERFECT idols that i've actually seen with my eyes :D till the next post!

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