07.08.11 + NEW HAIR

August 7, 2011

today, after church, my family and i went to eat Dimsum at our favourite place which a student from my school's family owned~ i've been there a bunch of times but when my sis saw the guy, she said "that's Nicole's crush! its Dimple!" XD she should so go there and eat Dimsum sometine XD

mr dimple smiling! XD

after eating, we went to this salon called"Philip Sum" named after a supposedly famous stylist~ but mom wanted the famous stylists STUDENTS to cut our hair =3= IT TURNED OUT HORRIBLE!!! my hair with the wax and hairspray was okay, but when i got home and washed it at the end of the day, my sides were totally like that pole dancing prefect from school! URGH I'D RATHER GO BALD! T^T i have to endure MONTHS with another horrible hairstyle T^T 2 bad hairstyles in a row~ what a record~ (im not gonna post the ugly version, TOO HORRIBLE)

at about 2.30pm, my mom, my dad, euri, yana and i went to a Yamaha music centre for my sis's piano class and to enroll euri =] yay for you!! while waiting for them to finish, my mom, dad and i went to Jusco and i got to eat Chocolate Cheese cake and Iced Chocolate with Cream in Secret Recipe ^^ THEY DIDN'T XD

after Jusco, we headed for Tesco coz my dad was interested in buying a shelf or something~ me n my sibs were so CRAZY XD and btw, no more stealing wifi! yes, im now officially using P1 WiMax! XD they gave us a free trial of 1 week and if we're contented, we can keep it (of course we gave money =3=)

check out this song by my sis! XDXD its called "HD Racko Wacko" LOL


Racko, wacko!
Racko, racko!
Wacko, wacko!

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