Beast's Penguin Steps and my SNSD legs

August 8, 2011


nice tutorial ^^ but i hate myself!! i can't get it right!! Jeremy! Tyler! help me!! XDXD i was a bit disheartened but i remembered that at least i have legs XD i can still do SNSD! who cares if i can't do this?? XD actually i can dance to SNSD coz the steps aren't that hard and i'm flexible enough~ but guy groups are harder! the best i've gone with fast and hard steps are fx's Chocolate love, SNSD's Run Devil Run and the 1st part of DBSK's Mirotic~ my legs obey SNSD XD really!!! i can like do Genie almost perfectly now since i've danced it over and over again! weird!

i can do these parts and more perfectly! O.O

i can do Seohyun's part here XD

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