August 17, 2011

when i woke up today, my first thought was "AHH...what beautiful sunny day :)" <<<--- the smile was included XD

at about 11, i rode a taxi to kw's house and when i got there, ms NA OH MI was already so we gossiped (XD) and waited for sammi~ we stalked people on facebook until about 1 and ate lunch~ i couldn't take pics of the food coz kw's dad was eating with us

they were so comfortable >< 

after lunch, kw practiced her piano (she just started :) but she's really good!) and after that we decided to sing KARAOKE! it rained! LITERALLY! XD we sang korean and english songs (even christmas songs =3=)~ i rapped for Low by FloRida, we translated My Heart Will Go On and Bad Romance to chinese and we danced along to the MV of Mamma Mia by ABBA! XD the steps were so...there's no other word for it, OLD! XD

kw's high standard projector! with the twinkle lights around it!

Love Story by Taylor Swift >< sammi was singing~

and choosing songs


my super big mic while singing GENIE!! XD SNSD FOREVER!!

when it stopped raining (coz we stopped singing ><) we went outside to chat. ms NA OH MI played with kw's hair coz she was learning how to style someone's hair through yotube~
after chatting, we had a photography session! XD we were so sot!! photographer was Judy :)

taking selcas together

wet glass O.O


raindrops here and there

random sammi

hmm... why does PANTS look so happy?? XD

double checking her laptop for the steps on how to fix hair

listening to songs while chatting :]

my golden fish! YU-I! XD find the hidden mickey

ms NA OH MI's epic fail
(gonna put the photos Judy took in another post :])

sammi and i went biking while ms NA Oh MI and kw played badminton afterwards~

i rode this

sammi rode this~

when sammi's mum came to pick her up, i became ms NA OH MI and kw's cheerleader! XD it was so fun! i even used some grass as my confetti/pompoms! i annoyed them to death! XD

ms NA OH MI's new friend =3=

ms NA OH MI doing catwalk??! XD

fixing the bikes ><


and after badminton ms NA OH MI and i walked to Garden Villas, but when we were halfway there, my dad picked me up XD she had to walk with our imaginary friend JK!! take k of JK ar!! dun molest!

giving me a lecture on the roots of Sunway's trees XD

my dad picked me up here

till the next post! ^^ hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did :]

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