August 25, 2011

Haiz~ our Leo Club was supposed to organize a carwash in school today as our first project, and everything was already going ok until im RAINED == i was like totally pissed off at the weather~ now we need to reschedule again! ARRGH!!! Haiz, let the past bdm the past~ by the way, i won't be able to post all my rantings here in Blogger, so please follow me on twitter! @fishmeatdie. ^^ I update multiple times daily ^^ anyhoo, iw playing with adobe photoshop or something on my phone~ im selca-ing! XD i also saw this old pic -,- i want this hair and face bk!! What happened to me?! Did i age a hundred years in just a few months? I looked so young! XD ps this my 2nd post using my phnmne n attaching photos ^^ hope it comes out well! Although i don't quite know how to change the colour~ here's to hoping that my blog stays forever AWESOME!!!!!! ^^v peace out!
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