09.08.11 (foreign student interview)

August 9, 2011

ISH~ today, sammi, demi (SINGAPORE), luke (SOUTH KOREA), amna (PAKISTAN), anon (THAILAND), edbert (INDONESIA) and i (PHILIPPINES) needed to take an interview! PAISEH!! we had to like introduce ourselves ON CAMERA and described tell them why we came to PLHS and what i like abt it =3= it was, in a way, fun though, coz we got the chance to have fun in the brass band room and the cameraman and the 'director', as he liked to call himself, was really nice ^^ Dylan and Terrance! im so gonna kill myself if that video gets played in the HALL O.O

Luke kept stuttering and saying 'YEAH' XD

sammi helping us make cards so that we could remember what to say~

nice camera!!

panoramic shot of the brass band room~ it was really nice in there! *sorry for the blur image ><*

edbert XD

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