SNOW (16.08.11)

August 16, 2011

^^ if your curious as to why this post's title is SNOW, well you'll just have to read and find out for yourself! ^^

today, we continued decorating the back =] attendance for today is:

jie ying - windows, painting
wan yun - windows, painting
poh yi - painting, sticking
chan jant - painting, sticking
chai - cutting, painting, sticking 
sammi - cutting, sticking
ms NA OH MI - cutting, painting, sticking, THINKING; and
me - cutting, sticking, climbing, photographer, reporter and opera singer XD (i sang AVE MARIA again today XD)

copyright ms NA OH MI XD any other versions are fake! made during MML period~

everyone doing about their business~

pohyi and chn jant wer sticking these on the tables going to be used on the field

random CHAI!

learn from the girl trained by her painter and carver sifus!

random JANT!

still painting PRO-ishly

poh yi sticking things


ms NA OH MI's junior! XD ms LAW!

random POHYI!

== still here

cheng working!

this one is one of the very anti-camera painting sifus XD

now for the other side =]

music break for pohyi ==

window work for jie ying

cheng iss about to finish and ms NA OH MI was finishing her painting of a plain GRAVE O.O

ms NA OH MI's hand!

her not so masterpiece! ><
panoramic shot: hills version 1
after the hills, we went to the canteen to pick up some rice for ms NA OH MI, but when we got there, they'd already run out XD so we bought drinks instead~

 ghost town O.O

more attachments~

other windows~

PRO painting a skull


ah MAK GOR's head XD

doing her maths XD

tape sisters XD

zj put chinese ink on her noodle cup! EEW!

busy busy busy~




cheng's bro is here XD

starting from today, during after classes they'll play random pop songs they think is nice XD

tables going to be used in the field

CHAI! XD does this shot look similar to her form 1 pic?? XD

guess who spilled ink and is trying to soak it up XD

when ms law, cheng, poh yi, chan jant and sammi went home, we played with SNOW!! XD

making snow floating in the air ^^

this shot hou yeng!!

panoramic shot: hill version 2.1

panoramic shot: hill version 2.2

i arranged the chairs and tables

my weapons against CHAI

XD hope thursday becomes as crazy as this day~ till the next post!! ^^

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