09.08.11 (early funfair preparation)

August 9, 2011

well, its that time of year again! its time for my school's annual Food and Funfair, and since PMR trial is over,  ms NA OH MI, sammi, chai, wan yun, jie ying and i decided to stay back after class to start decorating our class~ my class's name for this year is "鬼BirdBird" which means "ghost bird bird" XD our main theme is DEAD ANGRY BIRDS!! what happens to the angry birds that explode on the ground when they don't hit the pigs?? XD we're doing a resto ^^

this year's coupons are yellow~

ms NA OH MI: drawing

chai: cutting

sammi: cutting
the birds i drew! i couldn't rotate them though~





food break


panoramic shot of the class *>< blur again~ i didn't notice that the setting was on 0.1MP instead of 2MP =3=*

home of geniuses!

scene outside~ we're on the 3rd floor~

materials for tomorrow~ more to come

we're gonna fill this empty wall with our CREATIVITY!!
stay tuned! remember to come drop by our class on the day of the funfair! XD

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