house + jusco +daorae [30.08.11]

August 31, 2011

woke up late today >< one of the perks of being on holiday! i get to sleep anytime i want! ^^ after eating breakfast, i watched korean dramas with mum as we were the only people in the housse  (dad + 2 bros = cinema, yana = friends in Jusco, euri = in school for camp)

ate this bag of raisins XD

after fetching euri and meeting my dad and bros, we headed to jusco to wait for my sis to finish HER movie~ FINAL DESTINATION 5! lol i bet she screamed the whole movie

ate at McDonald's!

she was with Demi, Sammi and Luke (mr korean guy XD) coz Luke's gonna transfer soon~ bye,hope u all the best! :) met up with them in popular XD

i shocked demi when i put my hand on her shoulder XD

XD i was like so ZHA DAO!!! XD

this book's nice~

bro playing with demi's phone, SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB XD she looked hilarious when someone called her

after taking demi and luke's eyes off the tab (=,=) we headed to SnJ coz they were having a sale! up to 70% off! there was this plush rabbit bag that i had my eye on for a long time! it was on 50% off! i was like so HAPPYYYYYYYY!! but i really thought about buying it and couldn't decide :( i was like
"its on sale! it never will be again!"
"its a waste of money"
"no its not!"
"you're so act cute!"
"i can sell it with a profit if i get tired of it!" etc XD i was fighting with myself again

i carried it in a basket while thinking

we then separated after SnJ~ my family and i headed to Daorae Korean BBQ for dinner! YUM! didn't eat there for some time

nice sign~ every time you enter they shout "ANYEONG HASEYO!!" XD i wanted to reply

shelf of GINSENG

needed to take of my shoes~ i had a hard time taking them off coz they were high cut XD i asked someone to help me pull them off XD

a gift from Cassiopeias! DBSK BAEBAK!

this is new! SIGNED UKISS POSTER! 

sesame sauce

the guy making soju + lemon! JJANG!

the pipe that sucks the smoke before being pulled

corn tea ^^

pulled all the way down

there's a walkway outside


can you see the charcoals?

panoramic shot of the table

the first batch of side dished before we attacked them XD

KIMCHI! loved it! SPICY!



soju with lemon ^^ dad let me drink tonight



I <3 this thing! i was looking all over for it!

fu rice containers

XD i drank 4 shots of soju ^^

on the walkway outside, i took theses:

and outside DAORAE,



SONG JOONG KI <3 i miss sungkyungkwan scandal :(

SNSD again XD


and downsatairs,

one more letter and this car's mine XD

i ate here :)

after that we went home~ watched tangled again for euri~ and guess what's hanging in my room :)


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