i am fish meat die X.X

August 1, 2011

recently i've been thinking "some people really can't seem to like me" or "haiz, they're talking about me again" or even "they're talking about my HAIR again"~ well guess what =] I DON'T CARE!! i am smarter than you, i am MYSELF, im not fake, im not someone who bullies people and i'm not one who holds grudges! even you hate me, i'm still waiting for that day where you'll say hi to me!! so PLEASE try to be nice to me too, kay??

and if you say "all his friends are girls" well you're wrong ok =,= i also have guy friends~ and i just like having girls as friends coz i connect better with them, but it doesn't mean i have no guy BFFs, (example of a guy friend is chou yew)

imma eros. imma FISH MEAT DIE =]

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