August 27, 2011

today when i woke up i felt so FREE :D no school! i was so happy i went back to sleep -,-

i went downstairs at about 10am after playing with my phone (XD) and watched MVs and cartoons (yes, i still watch cartoons ><) 

at 1pm after lunch, i then got ready to go to Seri Lido for a rehearsal for our 32nd Perak Leo Club Joint Installation! im an emcee and my partner's Zi Tian from AMC :] today was the 1st time i saw her, we just emailed, chatted and sms-ed~

1st i was a bit nervous coz i didn't know any of the people and ppl from my school haven't arrived -,- so i played with my hp till it was time to start ><

this big stage O.O noob jing told me that Seri Lido was once a movie theatre~ no wonder there was a second floor and this big screen!

turns out they were actually friendly >< i seriously need to be more sociable~ zitian's taller than me! == i need high shoes or a stool~ i'll take a pic tomorrow XD

same script, same pencil some more ><

can you see the 2 guys walking there??

this girl's singing is AWESOME! she's the president of SMJK Poi Lam's sister~

there was also this guy's violin performance~ i was hiding behind balloons XD

this drama made me...SPEECHLESS! O.O

i thought everything was okay by then, but i saw the magazine =3=!!!

my name isn't EROS ERFE I. YVANO! its EROS YVANO I. ERFE! wrong order!

i'm scared that the name tag will be spelled wrong too TT

TT and this BOD picture TT good thing that the multimedia presentation doesn't have this *whew*

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