when you don't take PMR like me...

August 3, 2011

... you'll have a GREAT TIME!! XD today's the start of my friends' PMR trial (PMR is a government test they have to take here when you're in form 3) and since im a foreigner, IM FREE OF EXAMS AND MAJORITY OF MY CLASSES until next tuesday!! ^^ ngo hou song leh!! ^^v but to everyone else that's taking PMR, FIGHTING!! may you get full marks or an A+ or something~ =]

i made this XDXDXD

anyhoo, today was pure fun!! after meeting my friends in the hall in the morning, i hung out with jw in the library with our new thai friend, mr JEERAWAT (leng zai for short XD) but before leng zai sat with us, we sat with nicole wong and mr. PERFECT PHARON! he's from thailand and he's perfect coz he gets top marks in his subjects, but he just SLEEPS! much like BAEK SEUNG JO in Playful Kiss! XD he even has a high rank in his form, considering he's a foreigner and all~ and guess what, HE BORROWED MY CALCULATOR!! XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD i was dying in the library!!

in the library, some junior friends of ours and my sibs were also there coz they were foreigners too, and theyt were playing like mad O.O they even teased mr. Loke! the leng zai Bio/Maths teacher! he told them he had a wife and 2 children, but it was pretty much made up XD

the PMR students finished their BM trial 15 minutes before lunchtime, so we had an extended recess ^^ and at that time, CHAI CHAI's english name was born: TIFFANY!! XD

after lunch, we headed back to class and mr. Loke (he told us he had 7 children now XD) let them do revision for their trial, so i was left with nothing to do =3= so i played with a box behind the class which was there for our funfair decor and wore it XD ir was long and a bit small, but i fit!! ms NA OH MI couldn't stop laughing!

me: *wears box*
zj: hey, here's the---*looks at me* HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
me: what?? *i try to take it off but it wouldn't budge*
me: *finally took it off and saw everyone staring at me*

lol, after that, TIFFANY, ms NA OH MI and i sat in a corner and discussed about b**b surgery and the SILICON that they added XDXDXD we were so H.A.M S.U.P!!! XDXD!! steve later joined us XD

well, that's just about most of my day~ mom, dad and elvis are gonna be coming back from their trip to the Philippines tonight, and im hoping i get a lot of pasalubongs ^^ that means gifts that people give others when they come back from somewhere~ its been a long time since i last used that word =] till the next post! ^^

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