leo + outing [28.08.11]

August 29, 2011

well this is my blog post about yesterday =] i was too tired at the end of the day that i couldn't blog /,\

1st thing that day was that i had to get up early coz i was going to ride with kw to Seri Lido~ i looked weird in all white XD

selcas in her house O.O it was dark though~

my first time wearing these~ i thought they'd be weird but they were actually kinda nice ^^

and after i waited for kw to finish putting her make up on, we were ready to go!

kw posing for her dad

at Seri Lido, i got ready to emcee~ 2 of our BOD didn't come =3= the place was packed with people! and worse, Zi Tian was wearing heels! == but i realized she looked totally alike with her sis though~

discussing about other school's BODs

form 3 BODs!

one ticket was RM25

wen xin and i couldn't stop eating this XD

i <3 not so spicy chiili

ZD leng zai mou?? XD


although i made mistakes and it was damn BRIGHT, at least i got to see the performances up close! and the girl who sang 如果没有你 didn't sing her song again! TT she sang Because You Loved Me~ i prefer 如果没有你 better~

nobody was listening to him playing =( dun worry dude, i was listening! :)


this drama WOWED the crowd!
the AMAZING singer! XD credit to wan xin chong of SMJK poi lam for this pic

International Nature Loving Association, Perak dancers waving their hands to Because You Loved Me ^^

after we ate lunch, we took pictures with everyone! all the pics are with Edmond though~ send them to me!! now!! i also found a badge on stage and Lion Cecilia asked me to keep it! XD happy!

me with Lion Kimberly and Lion Cecilia :)

SMSK Poi Lam and Poi Lam High :)

he carried the banner like this -,-

it's from Japan! region 334-D FUKUI!

nice lock! but...

its broken == i used UHU glue to try and fix it but it just wouldn't stick tight enough

there's something scripted behind:
Jing Lin Tong (i used google translate to translate this ><)
2010 ~ 2011 GOV.

after we took pictures, i headed to the store to meet up with my family

i just stood under the air conditioning and waited for them XD

and after i met up with them we headed to Jusco! *guess where i changed my clothes O.O*

apple pie :) ate this in the car

took off these shoes and replaced them with sneakers -,-

then we got to Jusco and shopped!

staring at guitars

mum said this was nice~

zi pai-ed XD i acted like a random foreigner that doesn't know anything again~

sis trying on shoe no. 1

shoe no. 2

and shoe no. 3 but didn't buy any -,-




again with the shoes -,-

she ended up buying from Crocs coz they were having a sale


i <3 these 

mum bought this book for me ^^ 어머니, 감사합니다! ^^ 

it was raining when we were done shopping so we headed to Wooley's to eat ^^

i can take spicy things now! Penang Mee!

and i also ate Bak Kut Teh that night! ^^

when we got home, my sis showed me her dress for her movie outing with her friends

and after that i relaxed my aching feet while watching Tangled :) awesome!

and after that i dropped dead on my bed XD till the next post!

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