August 26, 2011

woohoo! i have a one week holiday! ^^ but tomorrow i have a rehearsal for our Joint Installation for sunday =,= and i need to talk to Pantai Putri (a hospital here) people for our project in school! i need to relax! I NEED A BREAK!! /,\ next month im having my finals and lots of projects to organize!! /,\ JIU MING /,\ all this makes me wish i were just a member again /,\

anyhoo, had a blast today! ms NA OH MI cut and rebonded her hair with yucheng XD she looks WEIRD XD

we had fun playing around during physics ^^ and during add maths period (last period of the day), we found out that there was going to be a da sau! that's cleanup ^^ so me and some of my friends measured our heights on the wall XD we don't know our HEIGHT exactly, but we could see who's taller and who's shorter XD

26 out of 41 of us played this ^^ ranking from tallest to shortest is as follows:

Chou Yew
Jin Xian
Sydney + Eros
Zan Sen
Sammi + Yu Cheng
Wan Yun + Franklin + Brian + Wen Hao
Jia Jia
Zheng Wei + Ee Shen
Chiew Toong
Jie Ying + Chan Jant
Poh Yi + Mak Gor 
Yoke Mun
Swet Yee + Jia Chi

XD we didn't have time to measure everyone :( some of them were busy shouting "HAPPY HOLIDAYS" while some were writing their wishes on the board :)

so, to anyone i haven't told yet,

ps we got our new report books today, and they printed our old photos!! and even EXPANDED them!! TT even i got shocked at my picture! even i laughed! TT WHY ???!!

TT they said that my eyes look smaller, my cheeks pulled apart and that THIS DOES NOT LOOK LIKE ME AT ALL TT
(im cuter XD joking!)

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