LC of PLHS BOD Photo

August 12, 2011

ish what am i doing?!! OMOMO i didn't notice my hair was so damn *ISH* =3= lol kw's so damn photogenic~ she even tilted her head! and edmond's pants! his socks XD missing Leo Lai Wen Xin and Leo Leong Kor Kah here though~ I CAN'T RECOGNIZE MYSELF! WHAT HAPPENED?!

(from left to right) top: Leo Chen Bao Feng, Leo Chew Soo Jun, Leo Ho Zhen Yang,  Leo Tan Zheng Yi, Leo Kong Yong Hui, Leo Mok Kher Wei and Leo Ten Yu Xuan
below: Leo Sim Sau Wei, Leo Eros Yvano I. Erfe (me ><), Leo Edmond Lau Teng Fong, Mr. Loke Wai Chuan (Faculty Adviser), Leo Chai Meng Ni and Leo Hew Jia Yee

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