MAK's farewell party.

August 4, 2012

:O my classmate Mak is gonna be leaving our class! T^T his family is gonna be emigrating to Canada :(

on Tuesday *i think* we showed Mak the video that we made with all the messages we wanted to give him :D a lot of people crieddddddddd :( he said it was his last day going to school T^T *no one uploaded pictures yet, wo ye mei you~*

then on Thursday, HE CAME BACK! -,- he showed us a video with HIS messages XD they were funny and touching, and none of us cried. Well, except for SOMEONE :D

on Friday we went to Mak's house to have a farewell party for him :) it was fun! XD i think one of the highlights of this year. it was fun, but it was kinda sad :O

i went to the farewell with Chaichai, Yu Xuan and Hoyyan. when we got there, almost everybody had already arrived :D Mak's sister hen ke ai! ^^ Gor En Xian right?? ^^ everybody LOVED her :D

everybody was busy helping out :)

serve yourself! you wanna eat, then cook it yourself!

it was so hot /.\
i felt as if i was being cooked too~

everybody went inside to catch the match between Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long XD
i'm with team LCW!

after dinner, we had games :D *TOP SECRET* until about 10.30++. we did other stuff *dunno if i can say it out* and before we knew it, it was already 11pm++. we started cleaning Mak's house and everbody started leaving. The last to leave really made that house clean and sparkling! ^^ i'm talking about Jieying, Puishi, Swetyee, Wanyun, Kityi, Huiying, Naomi and everybody else that stayed to help clean up! WE ARE AWESOME! ^^

i was among the last to leave Mak's house. people CRIED when they went back and i was like...should i cry too XD but i didn't. Mak told us all to study well and we wished him the same. JIA YOU MAK!

i sat in Daniel's car with Jinxian, Chiyang, Zheng Wei and Zheng Yi. i got home at 1pm++ @.@ when my dad opened the door he was like =,= XD

i woke up at 6 today (total hours of sleep = 5) and everybody in class was sleepy. and i had debate today. fml.

but anyways, i really wish Mak good luck and i hope that you'll be happy in Canada! BYE! we will miss you THIIIIIIS much!

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