August 22, 2012

yeshhhhhh. there are things in this world that make me special. eg:
1. i dance randomly almost ALL the time
2. i read and i laugh to myself like a crazy person
3. i dream of crazy random stuff when i sleep at night

so yeah, that's me for you XD last night i dreamnt *is that a word?? O.O* that i was in korea, filming myself and all the stuff there, making a vlog *a video blog* XD kinda like 2NE1 TV! XD so this post is all about that dream :)

what i looked like when i woke up @.@
i was still so happy from that dream XD
first, i was in the airport with my bestfriend, ms NAOMI :D we were finally going to Korea! ^^ my generous american uncle, uncle Phil *he's really my uncle, and yes, he's really american* gave me two tickets as a birthday present for my friend and i to tour Korea for 1 month :D since my birthday is in the school holidays, my mom agreed and i asked Naomi to accompany me.

the night before the flight, i was watching 2NE1 TV *where 2NE1 takes videos of themselves and it IS kinda like their own awesome vlog* so i decided to buy a camera and asked naomi to be my camera man XD

PS: this is Sony's Bloggie video camera. it's AWESOME and my brother's wants it real bad and he's been telling me all about it non-stop XD so i guess that's why it popped into my head~

so back to the airport: Naomi and I boarded the plane, and since the camera's screen can be rotated, i used it to film myself first xP and i took a video of the WHOLE flight ^^


the view out the window XD

we were riding first class! WOOHOO! ^^

then when we landed, the taxi ride to our hotel was AWESOME! we drove past the streets of Seoul and i almost died fanboying inside the taxi XD

next day we went around Korea :D

we went on an MRT:

then went shopping on the roads of Korea! ^^

while i was searching for pictures, i found out that Korea has a Philippine Market! ^^

when i was buying LOTS of stuff *dunno where i got the money*, we met our friends! XD Sandra went to Korea to shop on he own, Caryn and Crystal went to catch an SJ concert and Zack was working there, so in the end, all of us stayed in Korea for one month together! ^^

anyhoo, in the evening, the 6 of us went out for a traditional Korean meal. @.@ I WANNA EAT! XD i dreamnt of ddeokbukki, kimchi, kimbap, jajjangmyeon, and lots of other stuff~  

the next day, Crystal suggested that we go shopping again XD so we went to the flea markets again :D

and i got to eat patbingsoo! :D *one day during tuition my friend wanyun said that chineses people have "paobing", so i'm guessing that its similar with patbingsoo~*

we all had a good time and Crystal bought a new boyfriend and bought another one for Caryn x.x i dunno how that happened~

then we went to Lotte World! ^^

we played to our hearts content ^^ then when we were going to go back to our hotel, I FREAKING MET EXO!! @.@ *lol EXO went to Disneyland but i dreamnt that they went to Lotte World XD*

i was all like, TAKE ME WITH YOUUUUUUUU :P crystal and i took pictures with them and naomi and caryn had to pull us away from them XD zack and sandra were shopping @.@
and after one month of playing and shopping, we went home. on the plane back home, my friend Steve was the pilot and my friends Pohyi, Bonnie and Wanyun were the stewardess XD 

i started editing the videos that naomi helped me take. i posted them all on youtube and all of us became super famous @.@


XD zhadao ending muchhhh! when i woke up it was already lunch time *i sleep till noon during the holidays* and i was thinking about it while i was having lunchhhh @.@ if this really happened then it would be DAMN AWESOME!! ^^ but its just a dream T^T i do hope that it'll come true though :D ONE DAY I WILL MAKE THIS DREAM COME TRUE.

haha, byebye! ^^ thanks for reading about my random nonsense and i hope you'll keep on reading my blog posts! ^^

ps: because this is a DREAM, i've had After School's DREAM  on repeat on my ipod x) its a nice song :D

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