[Hyorin & Thunder] + [Stevie Hoang]

August 1, 2012

it all started when i was watching Hyunseung and Dongwoon's Troiuble Maker.

then in the related videos section, i found THIS! Hyorin and Thunder! ^^ the video's title is "hyorin and thunder troublemaker live" but its actually a special stage that Hyorin and Thunder had in Vietnam. the special stage's name was "Love in Hanoi" ^^ even the name is so niceeeeeeeeee XD

its so SWEET!! ^^ i've never seen this side of hyorin and thunder before! and i didn't know that he was that tall too! XD i told my friend today and she told me i was so out because it was from long ago XP

the song's title *after a lot of searching* is Show You Off by Stevie Hoang :D its a really nice song *and its NOT on repeat on my ipod because i DON'T totally freaking love it XD*

^^ i'm now in my pink pink world XD *guess who's my new bias?*

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