02.08.12 English exam + English oral video

August 2, 2012

today in school we got back our english paper! ^^\

Paper 1 (Composition): 32/50
Paper 2 (Comprehension): 39/50

ughhh kinda low for me >< i want to get 40 for my comprehension, so imma fan ms annie till she gives me that one mark! XD

today my group and i, (Naomi, Apple, Hoiyeen and Sammi) went to Naomi's house to take our english oral video :D we took so long to take it! XD we made a lot of mistakes and it was kinda rushed, but even though we sacrificed our skins to the mosquitoes, i think it was still fun :D thanks to Naomi's cousin Vicky from Ireland who helped us take the video! :D

we took the video from 5-7.30!

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