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August 12, 2012

i haven't had the mood to blog lately because...well...i have no mood .__. my friends and i call it period day XD but its been a week now :O

in this post, imma use pictures to update :D


just got the tickets for BB's concert! ^^ WOOHOO!! we were so happy to finally have our hands on there ^^ T.O.P, imma pull you off that stage and bring you home XD on this day *which was yesterday* my school had an education fair, which leads us to the next picture:

ahaha selca again x) us seniors had the education fair for the whole day so we didn't have any classes :D everyone brought their phones :3

there were 48 schools/colleges/universities that attended the fair. i'm interested in language, so i asked around. most of them told me to go to other countries to study and i was really pleased to hear that ^^ i really want to study overseas, but when they told me the price, i almost fainted @.@ they said that a minimum of 100K is needed for at least one year and for Language, it'll be more pricey @.@ yikes.

i got a lot of handouts that day :D the stuff that i'm interested in are

1. Language
Because i wanna speak korean and i've picked up mandarin in school. i think languages are fun :3

2. Digital Media
I'm interested in this because i like blogging! ^^ i wanna be able to design my own templates and a little art in my daily life wouldn't hurt, right?

3. Mass Communication
All those movies i've watched (plus blogging) has sparked an interest in journalism and editing. I'm also good in TALKING and i've emceed for a couple of times, so yeah :D

i really liked this school: Dasein Academy of Art. it has digital design and mass com, but there's no language :O the person at the booth was the same as last year, so crystal and i were quite pleased to talk to him again XD NAOMI SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO STUDY ART! give her a pen and a piece of paper and she can work wonders :D

in the education fair, i looked around and i was like, "where's SM, YG and JYP?" XD keep on dreaming, mr eros, keep on dreaming...

plus since i have another field that i'm interested in:

4. Tourism
Because i want to travel the world! ^^ there was this school that said it produced stewards and stewardess (aka airplane cabin crew) so i was interested. i'm tall enough and the tuition is quite cheap! the salary of an air cabin attendant is high, too! in the future, i might consider taking this job after i study language *then i'll work for korean air, get on the airplane for free and MAGICALLY disappear when we land in  korea* XD

i've recently discovered the wonders of washing THOROUGHLY when i get home from school. my mom said not to bathe cause i'm still tired and i'll get sick, so its only on rare occasions that i have clean skin in the afternoon, but i've discovered that just washing my face is enough ^^ 

something else that happened recently is that i've finished editing my group's english oral video! FINALLY! i spent the whole night editing @.@ my brother was supposed to help me but he ended up watching the olympics and i had to finish it up myself :O

chocolate helps keep you awake and hyper!

my dad's guitars. i was bored when the video was still loading so i took this and uploaded it on tumblr XD

in the process!
last night i went out with my family and it was nice to finally get out and about. i was busy the past week with school work and leo club stuff that i couldn't really relax :@

view from Ipoh Parade's P4 parking

ahh, MOMO ice from the 100 yen store ^^

i love strawberries! ^^

speaking of strawberries, naomi, sandra and some of sandra's friends went to cameron during the weekend for a photo shoot! @.@ they didn't get to play, but i still envy them! its so hot here in ipoh! @.@ i'm trying to convince my parents to go *plus i wanted to play photoshoot too ><*

the olympics closing ceremony are at 0330am (according to youtube) and i wanna watch it, but why is it so late??! ish, i hope there's a replay.

anyhoo, its back to school again tomorrow, but on thursday, its the start of our holiday! ^^ government schools' holidays will start on thurday, but i'm no so sure for my school. most probably it'll be a holiday. i'm praying T^T if it is, then i'll have 11 whole days of HOLIDAY! ^^

bye bye and i hope you enjoyed this post :) since i'm using my phone to go online most of the time, follow me on twitter or on tumblr! :D tumblr is like my diary now and i update multiple times everyday :D its fishmeatdie.tumblr.com okay? :D

BYE! ^^

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