[24.08.12] PRANK CALL DAY

August 24, 2012

hello hello :D another mobile post today since my brother wants to use the computer and he totally kicked me out T^T sad case. i really really really REALLY need a new laptop! i'm not just saying that just because i want it, but because i NEED it. (i have my MUSIC to manage, my tumblr and blogger to use, my videos to watch, my facebook to stalk and all my other random stuff T^T)

anyways, i slept at 4am last night and woke up at about 11. (11-4=7 hours of sleep) @.@ i was so blur when i woke up. i wasn't even planning on waking up at 11, but my mom called my phone and my super loud ringtone shocked the hell outta me.
demi and isabelle (my bro&sis' friends) came over today and it was a fun day XD we prank called so many people!! i tried to call naomi but she wouldn't pick up. bummer.

afterwards we went to thr nearby park and just randomly did stuff *mosy of the time we were still prank calling people XD* my brother, isabelle and demi did all the talking, not me!! >< i was just there listening! we had to run home from the park because it started raining and we didn't have an umbrella! @.@ we were drenched and it was so coldddddd~

prank call 1: a call to demi's friend. they kept on calling her DORA even though her name was doris.
euri: hey, dora! where are you? we're at the hotel now!
demi: yeah, for the party! you're late!

result: almost 10 minutes of "Dora" saying that they called the wrong number XD she even said "i'll video chat you! who are you??!"

prank call 2: demi calls isabelle's friend
*3 of them*: happy birthday to youuuuu!
demi: baobeiiii!! sheng ri kuai le ahhh baobeiiii!
guy: who is this?
demi: ni de lao po lurr, ni yi wei wo hui wang ji ni de sheng ri meh?
guy: wo mei you nv peng you!!
demi: don't tell me you forgot me??!

result: more that 5 minuted of the guy saying he didn't know her XD

prank call 3: a call to their friend yumun
euri: hello sir, this is the pinata company! im just calling to confirm your order. Would you like them.delivered or would you like to pick them up yourself?
yumun: i didn't order anything!

result: more than 10 minutes of yumun laughing and trying to deal with his "purchases", although he found out that it was euri

they did a lot more and since i'm using my super super small-screened phone, my thumb's getting tired of typing XD all in all i had fun today :)


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    The 017 was you? I thought thats a stranger so i didnt pick up ><


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