Joint Installation 2012

August 7, 2012

feels like ages :O i just got the pictures and im ready to post! ^^

pictures from LC of AMC :D

since its from sunday i'm kinda lazy to post about it now :O but here goes :)

i'm the emcee again this year! ^^ its my second installation that i've emceed now :| i suddenly thought: "are people getting tired of seeing me?" T^T i hope nottttt

me and my emcee partner, junqi :D
our club president, MS TEN YU XUAN!

us with the LC of Pei Yuan :)
vickie chang is my new dancing friend! x)

chai chai and xuan xuan :O

ms. pres and mr. treasurer!

weird face :|


my idol, before a Leo, now a LION! :D

with our outgoing president, EDMOND.

Yin Yi Shuen from SMJK Poi Lam!
her voice is damn yeng!

ahahaha :)

1st and 2nd VP!

me and AMC's new president, CHIN ZI YUAN :)

lol cover photo much.

organizing chairperson, Leo Wong Hui Xuan! :D
another dancing buddy :)

during the marching i was emceeing, so i didn't get to march in :( oh well.

after the ceremony we took a lot of pictures :) we used Yuxuan's phone coz...err...we didn't bring a camera >< we walked till our FEET HURT.

then we had a meeting @ Capucino Cafe :D

and afterwards we headed to Overseas restaurant for our sponsoring Lions Club's Installation. Edmond brought his DSLR along and NOW I WANT ONE! >< its so fun to take pictures with it. damn. another thing to add to my want list. sigh.

arghhhh i want! :@ there are MORE pictures *my fingers got itchy ><* and imma post them separately when i get them :) again, we walked and helped till our feet hurt :( i pity the girls, they were wearing high heels. 

i think that's all for now :) sorry if i'm not as detailed as i usually am, i'm rushing stuff right now @.@ busy busy busy! :O

BYE! :)

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