[31.08.12] MERDEKA

August 31, 2012

its Malaysia's 55th Merdeka! :D happy 55th! x)

^^ today's a holiday so i woke up at about 11 @.@ i saw that there was a parade! T^T missed it. and my mom said that since we still have classes tomorrow, the damansara trip that we planned for today was cancelled == so instead, we went to Aeon for lunch :)

i found my big glasses! XD

my hair is uncontrollable now /.\
but i still love it when it turns brown under the sunlight.

we ate lunch at Nando's first :) i realized something when we got there. more and more foreigners were coming to ipoh! :O is it just because of the mall? hmm.

next was SHOPPING @.@ we went to Cotton On, Trio, Padini and F.O.S. i wanted to buy everything i tried on @.@ but mum only let me buy some of them :/ oh well.

i got to buy the yellow shirt *because the design looks like EXO's logo XD*
i wanted that red sweater! it was thick and i loved the colour T^T

i'm starting to smile with my teeth now XD
my sis told me i looked better when i did and i THINK she's right :3

then we spent about almost 2 hours looking for my sis' heels @.@ my mom and her went to ALL the shoe shops and tried  so many shoes that i lost count @.@ in the end, she bought a Carlo Rino one. ish, i wanted shoes too but i didn't find any nice sneakers.

then after some more, we headed to my family's new addiction: CHATIME! XD ever since that first cup, my mum's been as hooked on it as i am XD

caramel milk tea with pearl today :)
i didn't really like this though :(

we hanged out at the playground outside the Pancake House and there were these kids playing in the water fountain XD they were funny :D

we headed home afterwards :) im now downloading the song for our performance for my school's dinner :O us foreigners have to perform and we haven't started yet @.@ someone please help me!

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