S.M ART Exhibition

August 14, 2012

OHHHHMYGOSHHH *spazzing* i so wanna go to korea right now! SM is having this exhibition called the S.M ART exhibition and its full to the brim with everything about the SM artists! all their costumes, props, EVERYTHING! here are the pics posted on their facebook page:

the SM artists were present of course ^^ I LOVE YOU EXO *.*


EXO! ^^

all of them dropped for a surprise visit! if only i was there...T^T

there was this 13m long tree shaped screen where everyday, one lucky fan could chat with a star. other than that it would playing MVs @.@ YENG!

remember this scene from SNSD's Genie Jap. Ver. MV? the one where they jumped and there was the camera froze and went around 360 degrees?

well, the camera (or cameraS) were also on display and you could even try it out!

lol yes, its EXO.

AHHHHH! there was also this HUMONGOUS panorama screen O.O

and this 3D theatre!

1000 never before seen polaroid photos were also included in the displays. I AM DYING HERE. if i was there i would have stolen each and everyone of them T^T they said that there were a lot of taoris polaroids OTL WHYYYYYYYYYYY?

the props and costumes on display. KILL ME NOW. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy must it be in Korea?? T^T i envy you korean people! =3= anyway, here are SJ's costumes and Onew's WINGS :D *chanyeol's posing * ^^

yeollie ^^

that cute cute Chanyeol ♥.♥ you could also pose and make postcards, or send letters to your biases.

and there were tablets and other stuff with games, photos, and messages from the artists ♥.

taeng, yoona and hyoyeon trying out a game :D

and the goods sold x.x i want to buy them all!

all in all i'm really impressed by this exhibition and i WISH that they would bring it overseas :D especially here where i am :|


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