Follow Me Oil Control + Whitening line

August 17, 2012

the Follow Me Oil Control + Whitening (wow, that name's long -,-) line consists of these products:
1. an Anti-Shine cleanser
2. a Pimple gel
3. a Blackhead remover
4. a moisturizing Toner
5. a purifying Toner
6. a mattifying Moisturizer
7. a hydrating sun sheild

i didn't really need blackhead remover, i don't need a cleanser (i'm still using my Biore Glowing White cleanser), i borrow my brother's Oxy 5 Pimple gel and i still have two bottles of toner, so i bought the moisturizer and the sunsheild :D

the moisturizer is supposed to be very good, so yeah :D i just had to post about this cause i'm excited and i have nothing to do here at home XD so bye bye! :D

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