[17.08.12] MOVIE DAY

August 17, 2012

today i woke up and i really felt like watching a movie :3 

so i sent Naomi a message on Line telling them that i wanted to join them :D she told me yesterday that Sandra and her were going to watch a movie, so i joined them ^^ at about 12++, we were on a taxi on our way to Jusco :D

we were chatting in the taxi and Naomi said that she was going to start studying for CIE soon :O we talked some more and i realized that she was right, there wasn't enough time T^T


first movie we watched was Step Up Revolution:

i wanted to watch this because i really like dancing and i've watched the first three movies. Moose and the asian girl from Step Up 3 were there! :DD and this was awesome!!! I WANNA JOIN THE MOB!! XD here's the Mob performance in the Anderson company:

YENG!!! i have no words to say!

the next movie started after Step Up and was in theatre 6, so we left theatre 4 as soon as Step Up finished :D

we were the first people in the theatre :D so sandra and i went out to buy popcorn. the next movie was the Three Stooges!

XD FUNNY! i was laughing almost throughout the whole movie! Moe, Larry and Curly! ^^

these are the movies that i'm looking forward to watching:

^^ after watching the movie, we went to eat steamboat for lunch :)

and after that we went to KBOX to sing karaoke :D we spent 2 hours there! 

XD i sang:

and a lot more XD my throat felt totally sore after that x.x we even met Ming Yee there :D

afterwards, Naomi and Sandra headed home, so i spent some time shopping by myself /,\ i bought myself moisturizer and sunblock while waiting for my parents to come pick me up :O

and at home i got to eat mom's homemade chocolate cake :D yesterday's cake was strawberry cake :3

i wanna go on another movie day again soon :)

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